Problems with the Prom

An example of a “promposal”, spelling out “Prom?” in candles of someones driveway. Photo by Coleman B.

The upcoming prom season is widely anticipated by many of the students here at Duxbury High School. While it is still over two months away that doesn’t stop people from constantly thinking about the formal dance that has become a high school tradition all over the country.

Junior Emily G. is already excited for prom. She said, “I’m starting to look at cute things on twitter to get ideas for prom.” Junior Isabelle F. is also starting to get excited for prom this year. She said, “Prom is on my birthday this year so I’m super excited for it.” Junior Jil S. said, “It’s exciting especially for juniors but it’s stressful for us because we have to worry about being asked.”

However not everyone is equally excited for prom. Senior Kevin L. said, “It [prom] is okay, you kinda have to do it, it’s fun while you’re there though.” Senior Kyle B. said, “Last year wasn’t that fun, other than that the food was good no one really did anything.”

The prom theme voted for by juniors and seniors was recently announced to be Las Vegas. Kyle B. said, “I hope they have casino and poker stuff to do.” Junior prom chair Mickey W. confirmed, “We’re planning on renting casino tables, cards and chips to play with.” Isabelle F. said, “I think it’s good because if you don’t know your date that well there will be a ton of stuff to do besides dancing.” Senior Johnny C. also likes the theme. He said, “It’s better than last year’s [carnival theme] which was too corny, and the cotton candy machine didn’t even work.”

However not everyone is as excited about the theme this year. Junior Olivia I. said, “I’m not a huge fan of the casino category, I would have preferred the Great Gatsby theme.” Junior Mackenzie B. agreed, “I don’t think it’s the worst theme, I feel like Vegas has probably been done a lot of times.”

One concern regarding prom is that the junior class won’t be able to afford the cost of prom this year. Isabelle F. said, “I’m concerned that the junior class won’t have enough money to make prom as great as past years.” However White said, “We should be able to pull it off but if not the senior class could potentially help us.” Junior Julia F. said, “I’m not that worried because every year prom ends up looking great so I think we can pull it off.”

Not only are juniors and seniors getting excited for prom but some underclassmen are getting excited for their own future proms. Sophomore Sophie T. said, “I think it’s a fun thing for the juniors and seniors and I’m glad it won’t be in the gym for us.” Sophomore Kate B. said, “It’s cute how they have that contest for most creative way to ask, it makes it more special, I also really like watching the red carpet.”

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