The Madness of March

A NBA player dunking the ball, similar to a college player

By Chloe B.

March 18th is the day that many basketball fans have been looking forward to for weeks. College basketball is back, and with it’s start comes the madness and hype frequently associated with March. Many Duxbury High School students are starting to feel the excitement.

The 63 basketball games in this tournament are often exciting and intense. Sophomore Matt L. said, “[March Madness] is a great tournament and is always on upsets.” TV Production teacher Mr. Ferguson said, “This is the greatest amateur tournament, besides the Olympics. It’s really amazing,” He added, “I love the unpredictability of the first couple of rounds!”

Many students are going to fill out brackets for this year’s games and compete for the most accurate bracket. Billionaire businessman Warren Buffett is giving away one billion dollars to anyone who can guess the correct winners of all 63 games. Freshman Matt K. said, “He [Warren Buffett] is a good guy for doing that. I will probably participate,” He added, “Lots of people in school fill out brackets.” Matt L. said, “I’m thinking about it, it sounds like a fun contest.”

A majority of student’s favorite aspect of March Madness is the money involved. Freshman Teddy W. said, “I like seeing who gets money, and who loses money.” Junior Annie T. said, “My dad is really into the bracket contests. Once he made me fill one out and I got $100 for it!” Senior Katelyn T. said, “Some people seem to get a lot of money for it, maybe I should start making brackets.”

Every basketball fan has one team they want to win. Most participating students have their final four teams picked out. Matt K. said, “I except Syracuse, Duke, Wichita State and Florida to be in the final four.” Matt L. is also rooting for Syracuse and Duke, along with Endicott and Arizona. Mr. Ferguson said, “Arizona and Kansas are going to make it deep in the tournament. I think Kansas will get the win.” Junior Sam C. said, “I really like Michigan, and I hope they go far. I don’t want Louisville to win, because they don’t need to win two years in a row. I want a new team to prevail this year.”

This is an important time of year for the players to demonstrate their talents in front of a large viewing audience. Mr. Ferguson said, “This is the last time for lots of kids to be on TV. It’s a big game and emotions come out.” Senior Peter C. said, “I think this is a good opportunity for the college kids to show what they can do,” He added, “The kids who prevail are probably going to be looked at by NBA scouts or coaches.”

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