Waiting out the Winter or Springing Ahead?

The Cold or Hot ride?
The Cold or Hot ride?

Many students at Duxbury High School have a clear favorite between winter and spring.

This winter has seemed to be quite long for many as it is still snowing even into March. Senior Ian B said he typically enjoys the winter for one or two months before he gets sick of all the snow.

In Massachusetts, residents expect a lot of snow storms and sub freezing temperatures between December and February. Sophomore James G said, “The nice thing about the cold weather is that the bogs will freeze over allowing for anytime pond hockey.” Senior Ben M said, “Sledding and skiing are always popular activities for me in the winter.” But as Sir Isaac Newton said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Senior Kevin L said, “The driving conditions can get really bad and the cold weather definitely doesn’t cheer up anyone’s mood.”

Temperatures certainly make a big difference on a persons mood. Senior Johnny C said, “I feel I can perform better in school during the spring because in the winter I wake up to a freezing cold house and drive to school in a cold car, and then by four it starts getting all dark and depressing.” The school day doesn’t end until 2:47 and if a student has any after school activities the daylight will be gone by the time they are done.

What many students consider to be a major advantage of having a long winter is the opportunities for a snow day. Junior Jackie S said, “Snows days always put me in a good mood and make the week seem not as bad.” The night before a storm social media is blown up with tweets such as ‘#makethecall’. There will always be a lot of reaction tweets the next day too regarding whether or not Dr. Tantillo called for a snow day.

Many people don’t follow the actual calendar dates of winter and spring, but decide that  when it starts to get warm it must be spring. Junior Tara C said, “The only thing I want to do right now is be able to walk outside without multiple layers on without freezing.”

Senior Sam B said, “I’m a true baseball fan and seeing the MLB start up in the spring just symbolizes the start of nice and relaxing weather.” The major sports of winter are hockey, basketball, swimming/diving, wrestling, track, skiing, and cheerleading while the spring consists of baseball, softball,  track, lacrosse, golf, tennis, and sailing. Whether or not one prefers one sports season to another, there is always plenty of opportunity to support their classmates or hometown team.

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