Carried away with Cars

imagesIn todays day and age, cars are almost a necessity. Senior Drew H said, “Having a car makes every trip so much easier. You don’t have to wait for your parents to get home to drive you and they don’t need to wait for you to get ready.” There are not many convenient ways to get around Duxbury without a car as the only means of public transportation is the GATRA bus.

Driving to school is definitely one of the major advantages of having a car. Sophomore Bryce G said, “I either have to take the bus home right after school or if I stay after, I have to wait for my parents to come pick me up or try to find a ride.” No longer waiting at the bus stop in the freezing temperatures in the morning is also something that a car can help you avoid.

The freedom that comes with having a car is also a big plus for many students. Senior Kelly D said, “Having a car allows you to go wherever you want. You are now responsible for getting yourself places instead of relying on others.”

Many people enjoy using their car as a way of relaxation. Junior Sam C said, “Having the windows down and the music playing always puts you in a good mood.” Many cars have a place for an auxiliary cord that allows people to play music from their phones or ipod instead of the radio.

Personal cars can also be used as a way for the owner to express themselves. Senior Aaron K said, “I cut out an American flag and put it over the back seat as a seat cover. I actually really like the look it gives my car.”

Having your own car also allows you to go wherever you want without having to worry about being back at home because someone else has to use it.  Junior Jackie S said, “When my older siblings come back from college we have to share the car which can be frustrating at times.”

According to, “The average amount of cars per household is 2.28, including 34% owning 1 car, 31% owning 2 cars, and 35% owning 3 or more cars.”

With every car there will always be disadvantages. The worst thing for many people is having to pay for gas. Gas prices can be over $3.50 per gallon in some places which is a problem for many people whose cars have low miles per gallon. Junior Michaela M said, “Filling up my suburban is a pain. A lot of money goes into the tank every single week.”

Insurance and maintenance can also become quite expensive. Many teenagers can’t afford to pay for everything and rely on their parents for help. Junior Matt B said, “There’s no way I could afford my car without my parents help.”


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