Food Frenzy

Sophomore Walt R. enjoys a spring-themed snack of fresh vegetables.

By: Mike O.

As this long, drawn out winter finally approaches it’s end, the transition to spring begins, and with it comes another change that is far less advertised: food. With the warmer weathers arrival, new possibilities for specific meals and food follow.

One particular event that is beloved by many students of Duxbury High School is the barbecue. Sophomore Maddy S. said, “My favorite spring foods are hot dogs and hamburgers. The weather is perfect for an outdoor barbecue.”

Maddy S. is far from the only person who appreciates an open air barbecue on a spring day. Sophomores Julia D. and Mason K. both enjoy eating burgers, hot dogs, and ribs. Sophomore Kevin C. said, “ I love spring and summer because that’s when we start firing up the grill. Nothing beats grilled steak tips.”

Another important product of the transition to spring is fruit. After a winter that holds only frozen fruit, the abundance of freshly grown fruit is widely welcomed. Watermelon was an extremely common theme, a vast majority of the students said that it is the fruit that they are most looking forward to this spring.  Sophomore Louis N. loves watermelon and couldn’t wait for spring to begin. He said, “I love watermelon so I am looking forward to that in the spring. I can’t remember the last time I ate it during the summer.”

Fruit also becomes a key ingredient to many spring meals. Maddy S. said, “My mom makes a lot of interesting desserts during the spring and summer time that have a lot of fruit it them.”

Additionally, people are also looking forward summer-themed drinks. Lemonade was the clear winner of all refreshments; a large amount of students are excited for lemonade this spring. One of Maddy’s favorite drinks, though, is a homemade pina colada, while Julia D. enjoys sweet tea and Coolattas. Arnold Palmer was also a popular drink among a few students. Louis N. said, “I’ve got to go with Arnold Palmer half lemonade half iced tea.”

Although the transformation of winter to spring will be sweet, some aspects of winter cuisine will be missed. Almost all students agreed that they would miss the hot soups that were delicious during the cold winter months. Kevin C. is not looking forward to the loss of one of his favorite meals. He said, “Turkey dinners kind of go away over the summer which is disappointing, but they are replaced with steak which eases the pain.”

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