From the Runway to the Hallway: Spring Fashion Trends at DHS

On the left Junior Grant G. shows off his game day outfit. On the right are the nail polish colors “champers” by Butter London and “energetic red” by Sinful.

Spring has finally sprung in Duxbury. As the snow piles melt and flowers start to pop out of the thawed earth, Duxbury students ditch the jeans and sweat pants for freshly colored shorts and skirts. Students in all grades at Duxbury High School are ecstatic for the upcoming warm weather. Senior Olivia Z. said, “Oh my gosh yeah! I am so excited for the warm weather!” Junior Becky M. said, “I am so ready for this winter to be over.”

According to Elle magazine’s website, the hot spring 2014 colors are white and black, icy pastels, hints of pink, and metallics. Sophomore Rachel W. said, “my favorite spring colors to wear are pastels.” On the other side of the color wheel, Becky is “ just really into neutrals with a pop of yellow or blue.” Olivia also loves to wear blues this season. Her favorite colors to wear this spring are lilac and any light blue or aqua. Junior Annie T. said, “I love to wear coral and yellow and bright colors like that in spring. I also wear a lot of white in the warmer weather.”

Every season there is one go-to outfit that students always love to wear. This season for Annie it is a nice pair of jeans and sandals with a tank top or a blouse. Becky’s favorite outfit is “a nice pair of vans, maybe with a cute floral tank top with a cardigan and a nice pair of high waisted shorts. Although if it’s chilly out I’d wear leggings.” Rachel, like many girls at DHS, gravitates towards the tee shirt and a statement necklace look. Colorful statement necklaces have been a trend at DHS for about a year now. Popular high end store J. Crew sells these bold necklaces, but for a quick inexpensive pick up student’s stop at Charlotte Russe for colorful necklaces.

According to the online store, ASOS, extravagant nail colors and patterns are all the rage this season. Making nails “your own canvas” is very popular lately. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Katy Perry debut the craziest manicures, boasting with rhinestones and other gems.

DHS students seem to prefer the more toned down nail colors this season. Rachel said, “My favorite nail polish colors to wear in the spring are light blues, pinks, or purples.” Olivia said her favorite color to wear on her nails is peachy hues. Annie prefers pink colors. She said, “my favorite spring nail polish color is pink. I’ll wear any shade of pink.” Becky also has a favorite color. Her new obsession is a light, almost white, lavender purple named “full steam ahead” by Essie. Essie nail polish is known for having pastels, their color “turquoise and caicos” is very popular (which is a tiffany blue color with a hint of green).

As spring comes around many boys ditch the long khakis, jeans, and sweatpants in exchange for lacrosse shorts and nantucket reds. A popular store that is frequented by many of the male population at DHS is Vineyard Vines. This store that originally started out by selling colorful pattern ties has now expanded to mens and womens apparel. They are known for patterned and preppy short’s, dresses, swimsuits, and dress shirts. A popular short that vineyard vines sells is the “club short”. This style comes in an array of colors and patterns, from seersucker to ones embroidered with lacrosse sticks, which is very appropriate for Duxbury.

A trend among boy’s sports teams is to dress up on game days. Seeing all of the colorful pastel shirts, shorts, bowties, and jackets are always entertaining for the entire school. Junior Grant G. said, “It’s a hassle to dress up on game day.” Grant’s go-to spring outfit is khaki shorts and a t shirt. Contrary to popular belief at DHS Grant does not like the preppy clothing line Vineyard Vines. He said, “I don’t like Vineyard Vines because it costs more than my soul.” Junior Chris M. loves wearing pastel shorts and graphic t-shirts in the spring time. When asked what his favorite store for spring clothes is Chris said, “got to go with the Brooks Brothers pastels, Vineyard Vines is to mainstream.” Grant also said that his favorite store is Marshall’s. Both Chris and Grant said that they do not wear lacrosse style gym shorts, only khaki’s for everyday outfits.

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