Saying Goodbye

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As spring peaks around the corner some students and teachers are thinking about the next year and what the new Duxbury High School will be like in the combined middle and high school building. Junior Shane F. said he is ready to go and is not bothered much by leaving the school he has been in for the past 3 years. Senior Sam B. said, “I was a transfer student so I don’t have much attachment to the school. This school is deteriorating so it’s probably for the best it’s being torn down.” Junior Isabelle F. said, “I am ready to leave but also sad to see [the old school] go.”

Many students want mementos to remember the old school by. Sophomore Kate B., senior Ian B. and senior Madeline B. all said they would take a brick from the old school. Madeline said she would take a brick because it symbolizes where she spent the last four years of her life. Kate said, “it would be cool to bring a brick from the old school, a piece of the old in the new.” Senior Bob B. said all he wanted to take with him was a diploma and said, “as long as I am gone you can have the school.”

Some students also mentioned specific things they liked about the current DHS that they want to be incorporated into the new school. Sophomore Heidi S. said she hopes there will be a new student lounge at the new school with an outside eating area. Sophomore Kate B. said, “I like how the gym and cafeteria are next to one another…it’s a nice space.” Isabelle said being able to eat and drink in the classroom is very important to her and hopes she will be able to drink her coffee in the new school classrooms.

Teachers are also going to miss parts of the old building. Dragon TV teacher Mr. Ferguson said, “I want the endangered species mural in the history department to be redone in the new school.” American Sign Language teacher Mrs. Robertson said she would miss the gym because it holds the memories of when she used to play games against Duxbury in high school.  School pride is another important part of the school that teachers want to be included into the new school. Mrs. Woolley said, “I want the [new] school to have the same sense of student pride to be seen visibly and in time I honestly believe we will.”

Students are also brainstorming creative ways they would like to see the school demolished. Sam said he would want to destroy the cafeteria with a flamethrower because everything would blow up. Junior Isabelle said she would want to destroy the family tree mural in the school because she finds it creepy. Mr. Ferguson said he would like to destroy his classroom with his own hands, “it’s my room I want to knock it down on my own terms.”




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