Senior Year Coming to an End

By Hannah A
The senior class of 2014With the class of 2014 graduating in a few weeks, many seniors have mixed emotions on how they feel leaving Duxbury High School behind. Seniors are looking back on all the memories and begin to reflect on their experiences. Senior Jack H said, “Senior year is a fun year because you don’t take as many hard classes as previous years but this can make it also hard to focus. Senioritis is a real disease.”
From intense hand ball games to crazy world history classes many seniors will never forget their journey here at DHS. Senior Frances Anne M said “In ten years I will remember all of the lifetime friends I have made here.” Senior Julien P said “In ten years I will remember the old gym and playing in front of the entire student body during our basketball games.”

Many seniors are feeling bittersweet about leaving. Senior Deveyn C said, “I am happy to be growing up, and moving on but I am sad to be leaving the kids I’ve grown up with.” Jack also said, “ I am excited to move on from DHS but I will definitely miss all the good times I’ve had here with my friends. It was a good four years of my life.”

There have been many ups and downs through the seniors past four years. Grant K said, “My least favorite memory of Duxbury High School was losing to Marshfield my senior year. I will always remember my last high school football game. I loved playing for this team but I wish we ended on the right note.”

AnneMarie M will always remember her 11th grade Spanish class. AnneMarie said “ Junior year Spanish will always be memorable.The boys in my Spanish class were off the walls and one day and they were messing around with the teacher, so they decided to fling a kid’s backpack out the window. Hoping she wouldn’t notice. Although they did get it past my spanish teacher Mr.Fernandes saw it flying from his window and brought it up to the class.”

Another memorable memory in Duxbury high was finding a mouse in student chef. Chris G said “ One thing I will always remember is during the midterm of student chef finding a mouse in the class.”

Seniors will have all the memories of DHS, especially being the last class to graduate from this building. Understandably wanting to leave their mark, seniors are creating senior projects that can be left in DHS for the next years to read and remember them by. Congratulation to the class of 2014!

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