Senior Projects

By Chloe B.

Senior projects may be a foreign concept to students who are underclassmen. According to Duxbury High School’s website, the senior project “offers selected 12th grade students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and maturity while participating in an internship outside the traditional classroom.” This program is very beneficial to students as they prepare to go out in the real world and obtain jobs. The website goes on to say, “It [the senior project program] also allows students to combine their vocational interests with academics.”

Senior Amanda A.’s project resources

DHS English teacher Mrs. Peterson is one of the advisors for the senior projects. She said, “My role is to let participants know when everything is, like the deadlines and meetings,” Mrs. Peterson said that the projects take up all of fourth term, and the students only have to come in once a week to hand in their log sheets. In the final grading process, it is Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Alongi who find evaluators. Mrs. Peterson said, “This is graded by evaluators, which is anyone who wishes to participate who is in the community or school.”

There are many seniors this year who have decided to do a senior project. Senior Amanda A. said, “I’m making a Syrian cookbook that’ll include recipes as well as information about the cultural, history and current events. Then I plan to donate it to the history or foods department at DHS.” Amanda is excited to learn about her family’s history as well. She added, “I hope to learn more about my father’s homeland of Syria and educate some of my peers and future students about the county.”

Senior Brendan B. has also chosen an interesting project. Brendan said, “I’m doing a documentary on the lacrosse team, Road to Redemption.” When asked how long it will take him to complete the project, Brendan said, “This will take most of 4th term because I need to get game footage and film interviews in addition to editing everything.”

There is much variety in the chosen projects this year. Senior AnneMarie M. said, “I’m doing a fashion book that shows how historic fashion influences contemporary fashion.” She added, “It will take me about 25 hours a week to complete since the book will include a lot of sketches, information and detail.”

Why would some people choose finals over a senior project, or vice versa? Senior Charlie M. who is planting a garden at the Senior Center said, “I chose a senior project because finals are terrible and you get out of school two months early.” AnneMarie said, “I chose to do a senior project because I go to fashion classes already and want to study it in college so I thought it’d be a fun opportunity to have a full term to work on a fashion project.”

Some juniors give their opinion about applying for a senior project next year. Junior Eliza H. said, “Next year I will try to get into it, but I heard it’s hard to get into.” Junior Michaela M. said, “I think it is a great thing to look into, but it does seem difficult to get your project approved.” Some seniors wish that they had done a senior project instead of finals. Senior Katelyn T. said, “If I had known sooner when the deadlines were and that you didn’t have to take finals, I would have applied!”



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