Solving the Mystery of the Girls’ Bathroom

Poster in the girls' bathroom: "Locking the bathrooms is not a solution"
Poster in the girls’ bathroom: “Locking the bathrooms is not a solution”

Duxbury High School students are concerned about the upper math and language wing girls’ restroom occasionally being locked during the day.  Although the closure of this bathroom is not permanent, throughout the month of March, the issue increased to the point of inconvenience.

“I’m in Spanish, and I need to use the restroom. I walk to the girls’ bathroom and it’s locked. So then, I have to walk to the science wing bathroom, which is basically in Africa, wasting my time as well as my teacher’s, not to mention that I’m about to pee my pants in the hallway!” junior Becky M. said. Becky admitted that her impatience is getting out of hand, and demands an answer to the periodic lockings.

Sophomore Sophie T. sympathizes with Becky. “It drives me crazy,” Sophie said of the issue.

Similar instances have occurred in previous years with different bathrooms. For example, the cafeteria bathroom has been locked before, the reason behind such actions still unbeknownst to students. Senior Gaby D. said, “This happens with a new bathroom every year, and the students are almost always kept in the dark.”

Gaby’s classmate Halle W. keeps an open mind about the issue. “Students are probably doing stupid stuff in the bathroom, giving the staff no other choice but to temporarily shut it down.”

Sophomore Heidi S. supports Halle’s view. “I heard some inappropriate situations were taking place in the bathroom,” Heidi said.

Are these closures indeed a work of discipline? Is going to the bathroom a right or a privilege when it comes to the classroom?

Without proper information on the matter, speculative rumors are sure to circulate. However, senior Olivia Z. is doing her best to stay out of it. “I have no idea what’s going on,” Olivia said.

Senior Shannon H. considers herself lucky for not having any classes in that part of the school, but can understand the frustration of the students.

Upon interviewing custodian Mr. Wetbacher on the matter, he explained, “Sometimes we clean the bathrooms in the morning instead of the afternoon and don’t want to have people get hurt by slipping. Other times, there’s graffiti, and we tell the administrators who then decide how to handle the situation, which is why [bathrooms] are locked sometimes.”


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