Is Summer Break Really a Break?

Sophomore Lauren H. watches the Nantucket sunset on a ferry to her favorite summer destination.
Sophomore Lauren H. watches the Nantucket sunset on a ferry to one of her favorite summer destinations.

By: Olivia M.

With the 2013-2014 school year coming to a close, many Duxbury High School students are eagerly anticipating the warm weather, free time, and lack of homework that the summer season brings. However, jobs and summer school work have many students debating whether or not summer is a long enough break.

Sophomore Owen M. said, “I think it is a good enough break. It helps you unwind for a few weeks and prepare for the next school year.” Latin teacher Mr. George said that a few weeks are good for both teachers and students to recover. He said, “I think by the beginning of August I am ready to go back.”

On the contrary, junior Wyatt P. said that he feels summer is too short. “I think it should be longer because we have nine months of school and only three months of summer,” said Wyatt. Junior Kay M. agreed and said that she thinks school should be let out earlier in June.

Summer also means getting a job or picking up some extra hours at work for many students. Freshman Meredith L. said that she recently applied to be a tour guide at the State House and is looking forward to spending time in Boston if she receives the position. Junior Isabelle F. is eager to work in the babysitting room at the Kingsbury Club. Isabelle said, “I think my summer is more structured, but I also have more spending money.” Kay, a Scoops employee, agreed with Isabelle by saying, “[Working] gives me some financial freedom.” Not only are students working, but some teachers will pick up some extra work in the summer also. Mr. George said, “For the summer, I always like to meet with friends I haven’t seen in a while, travel a little, and do part time jobs to make a little money.”

However, some students are not looking forward to working as much as others. Senior Lauren M. said, “I need money for college next year” but also added, “Work ruins my nights.” Unemployed sophomore Courtney D. said, “Why would I get a job? I’ll probably babysit my cousins a couple of times but that’s it.”

Even though the school year is over, students must complete summer work that includes reading and math packets. Sophomore Julia R. said, “I feel like it is necessary to have supplements for learning.” Freshman Callie B. said that she wishes large packets were broken up into small assignments to be completed online so it is the same amount of work but spread out over a period of time.

On the other hand, Wyatt said, “We shouldn’t have any [schoolwork]. It’s a break from school, we shouldn’t have to do any work.” Junior Elizabeth V. said, “[The work] can be a little excessive at times though.”

Many DHS students are looking forward to going to beach, exercising, traveling, and visiting colleges over the summer. Meredith L. said, “I can work out more, I can watch T.V. more, and I have a goal of toning my legs more.” As far as the overall summer experience goes, Mr. George said, “You can learn a lot in the summer that you can’t learn in school.” Senior Kyle B. said that his least favorite part about summer is “when it ends.”

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