Memories of High School

Duxbury High School
Duxbury High School

Duxbury High School has been a wonderful experience. It has its Rough patches, but overall it always smooths out in the end. From the unneeded homework, to sports, and seeing your friends everyday what would we really do without High School. High School really isn’t that bad when you think about it. It’s something that we all need. It keeps us motivated, keeps us hardworking, and keeps us in line. It’s just part of our lives. The relationships we make with teachers, coaches and fellow classmates can last a lifetime. Our memories of high school will be with all of us for the rest of our lives. So what if it may have been hard at times, it’s worth it, a completed challenge is satisfying. Maybe you failed a test, well you get right back up and you study and pass the next one. There is nothing like the challenge of staying up late and finishing a research paper the night before it’s due. Also, the fun hanging out with your friends after school on a half day, and spending every weekend out with them doing something crazy. Winning a championship in gym class, being on a varsity sports team, and taking part in a play are all things that we will remember.

Playing sports in high school is a huge part of student’s lives. Whether you were on the court or just a spectator, memories are always made in sports. We all remember the game winning three, the touchdown that sent the game into overtime, or the overtime penalty shot that won the game. Who remembers standing in the cold at a football game with all your friends and probably talking about something other than the football game. Also, standing on the bleachers at a basketball playoff game with the entire student body in white. Who can forget the chirping between the student bodies of each opposing high school, and then getting yelled at by the faculty. Or when that Freshmen tried to raid the court after the girls basketball team won and he got decked by a teacher. Nobody can forget taking a fan bus to the Garden in full out neon. Everyone has their own memories, and every single one is unique to each person. Each one means something different to all of us.

Everything that happens during high school doesn’t always happen at high school. We will always remember the concerts we went to, the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox games we went to, and the weekends we spent skiing with all our friends. Personally I will always remember going to the Portugal vs. Brazil soccer game at Gillette and seeing Neymar score a goal.

Classes at Duxbury High School allowed me to have more freedom to take classes that I wanted to do. Taking classes like Woodworking and Principles of Technology allowed me to have fun while also having something important to do and work on. Other classes like creative imaging gave me the chance to express myself and also learn the basics of a photo editing software that I will use for the rest of my life. One of my favorite classes throughout High School is the Dragon TV class. I really liked this class because you have a lot of fun making videos and creating other projects with your friends. Everybody works together and has their own ideas.

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