Mothers vs. Fathers Day: The Annual Parenthood Showdown

A sample of a store set up for gifts for Mother's Day.
A sample of a store set up for gifts for Mother’s Day.

By: Beni D.

It’s that time of year again. Time to suck up to your parents and show your appreciation for their hard work by bringing them whatever you can find to show them you’re thankful for them raising you kids for yet another year. But which day, if either, is bigger and better than the other? (Don’t worry no one will tell your mom).

Junior Meg M. thinks that Father’s Day is more important than Mother’s Day. She said, “[Dads] don’t get as much credit.” For Father’s Day she typically makes her dad breakfast in bed along with the help of her siblings.

Junior Madison H. disagrees. She thinks Mother’s Day is more important than Father’s Day. She said, “Mother’s Day is more celebrated. We used to make my mom breakfast in bed, but we just don’t have time anymore.” Junior Emily G. agrees, “Moms do more. My dad works and my mom does too, but she also drives me around places and makes dinner.” For Mother’s Day Emily G. usually makes her mom a cake.

Many people feel closer with their moms than their dads. Junior Emily N. said, “I’m closer with my mom. My dad travels a lot so she’s with us a lot more.” Madison H., Meg M. and Emily G. all agree that they are closer with their moms than their dads. Emily G. said, “My dad works in Boston, so he’s never home.” Latin teacher Mr. George said, “Mother’s day is celebrated more; my mom does a lot for us.”

While some students at DHS feel that one of the holidays is more important than the other, other students do not have a preference. Sophomores Morgan D. and Spencer M. both agreed that Mother’s and Father’s Day are equally important. Morgan D. said, “ I think [the holiday] makes them feel appreciated.” Sophomore Owen M. said, “Both are important. My mom does more for me, but my dad is always there to help me.”

As for the celebration many people keep it equal between their parents. Emily N. said, “For both we go to my grandparents’ house, have a cookout and swim.” Owen M. said, “I make my parents breakfast in bed.” Meg M. does the same.

So how do the parents feel about having Mother’s and Father’s Days? Gym teacher Mr. McPhillips said, “Father’s Day is one-fourth that of Mother’s Day; it’s just like any other day. They have Mother’s Day brunches but never Father’s Day ones.” School Secretary Mrs. Sullivan said, “It’s the Hallmark day, so my kids know they have to do something.” She added, “It’s the one time of the year we can get everyone together now that my kids are out and living on their own.”

While Mother’s and Father’s Days may be a great way for parents to feel appreciated, what about the rest of the year? Madison H. said, “I compliment my mom’s food whenever she makes dinner.” Emily G. said, “Now I shop for her instead of her shopping for me.” Spencer M. said, “I help out around the house.” Owen M. said, “I do what they ask and thank them when I get the chance.”

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