New School, New Rules

New and improved Duxbury Dragons logo, designed by Senior Caroline O'Connor.
New and improved Duxbury Dragons logo, designed by senior Caroline O’Connor.

As the current school year finally comes to a close, many students are thrilled that summer is right around the corner, and the opportunity to learn in a brand new school next year to boot. Many changes come along with a completely new building, and rule adjustments are a big topic of discussion for sure. Many rumors have erupted in the past few months at Duxbury High School regarding the rules for students at the new school.

Currently, DHS & DMS have vastly different guidelines. Duxbury High School students have a lot more freedom. Therefore, many DHS students fear that many of their privileges could be stripped.

Principal Andrew Stephens said, “There are many different rules in the middle school compared to the high school. The freedom of wearing hats, chewing gum, and using technology to name a few. Although we are in the same building, we are two different entities.”

The verdict on whether students will be able to drink any beverage other than water is still up in the air. Principal Stephens said, “We are still talking about it. I have been in buildings where anything but water was forbidden, [as well as the other way around]. Either way, water will definitely be drunk.” Junior Jackie S. said, “If we can’t drink water that would be ridiculous. There are plenty of healthy smoothies and other fruit drinks that can be a better choice than water.” Sophomore James G. added, “I don’t really care, man … I’m just gonna go with the the flow.”

Along with these changes, many other modifications have been made as well. Principal Stephens said, “Once the school day begins, kids and adults will only be able to enter through the high school side. There will be a bank teller window, where notes can be dropped off without entering the building.” Mr. Stephens added that the administration has been urged to limit the amount of packages being dropped off at the building.

In addition, students will have to adapt to a new routine between classes and during lunch at the cafeteria. Principal Stephens said that students will not be permitted to bring backpacks to the cafeteria. He added, “Students must use their lockers. [The lockers] are two to three times wider. [Students] will have laptops as well, and their lockers will be the safest place for them.” Sophomore Kevin C. said, “I don’t want to use my locker. It will definitely be a pain but it makes sense, we can’t afford to lose the laptops.”

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