Parking Plan

A DHS junior’s car, which will remain in this spot for each school day next year.

By: Mike O’Neal

The administration of Duxbury High School has released the plans for student and faculty parking at the new school next year.

Despite the various speculations of countless students, the administration has put very specific procedures in place in order to satisfy the needs of all members of Duxbury High School. Principal Mr. Stephens said that the faculty would receive the nearest spots, followed by seniors. He also explained that the seniors’ spots in the [senior] parking lot depend on a few factors. Stephens said, “If you had good attendance and a good discipline record, you get to park closer [to the school],” said Mr. Stephens.

For the 2014-2015 school year, the new Duxbury High School will have approximately 211 spots for seniors. Mr. Stephens said that due to the sizes of the junior and senior classes, only seniors will have the opportunity to buy a parking spot next year. The senior parking lot will be nearly the same as this year. Therefore, all seniors will be parking across the street from the new school.

However, it excludes the parking directly in front of the school, which will be used by the faculty. The spots behind the current high school, near the turf, will be available, but only for the first two months of school. The administration is currently working on the possibility of pro-rating those spots so that students can purchase them for the first two months of school.

Many sophomores, who will not be getting a spot next year, were disappointed by the news. Sophomore Kevin Coghlan said, “It will make things harder next year, especially with sports and other after school activities, because we will have to wait for our parents or get rides from seniors for another year.”

Due to this inconvenience, and simply the class sizes, there may not even be enough spaces for all of the seniors applying for a spot. However, the senior class’ parking privileges have been made a priority. Mr. Stephens said, “It is still a pretty good share of the class, but seniors deserve it because that is a privilege you get by being a senior.”

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