Red Carpet Fears

A couple walking down the red carpet!
A couple walking down the red carpet!

A prominent fear at Duxbury High School is the red carpet walk at prom. With prom on Saturday May 17th, the anxiety is beginning to slowly creep up on many students. The walk down the red carpet has been a tradition for many years, and is a highlight of the prom experience. Sophomore Alex W said “I’ve watched people walk down the carpet for years, so finally being able to walk myself is exciting, but scary.”

With prom less than two weeks away the anticipation is setting in. The most talked about fear regarding the red carpet is falling or tripping. Sophomore Kylie S said,  “ I am most scared of falling on the carpet for everyone to see. I hope I can manage to stay calm enough and not psych myself out.” Junior Jackie S agreed with Kylie and also said, “Last year when I walked the carpet, it was scary and long but I hope to be able to relax.” Some also fear the possibility of ripping their dress. Junior Danielle J said, “My fear is while I am on the carpet someone will step on the back of my dress. I would be so embarrassed, and humiliated in front of everyone.”

With many haunting stories of proms past, fear of embarrassment leaves many feeling unsettled. From see through dresses to fumbles on the carpet, the walk seems never ending. Sophomore Molly T said, “I have watched the red carpet for years, and I have seen people trip, and nearly fall. I am scared that it will happen to me.”

This red carpet walk will be forever remembered as the last prom in the current DHS gym. This tradition has been going on for years now and is one of the most memorable parts of prom. Many students have bittersweet feelings about this being the last prom held at the school. With many memories made and many to come, the 2014 prom will be unforgettable.

Falling on the red carpet does not just happen to DHS students; many famous celebrities have also been victims of calamity. Nobody wants to pull a Jennifer Lawrence and fall, so be sure to read these tips by Helenna Santos-Levy of Ms. In The Biz. The most important tips from the website are to practice your pictures and poses, learn for photos in the past and lastly study the red carpet in advance. Be aware of your surroundings and always be confident!

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