Ultraviolence: Lana Del Rey’s Next Chapter

Screenshot of Ultraviolence's album cover, tweeted by Lana Del Rey
Screenshot of Ultraviolence’s album cover, tweeted by Lana Del Rey

By Celia B.

Alternative singer Lana Del Rey is releasing a new album. The artist, 27, is widely known for her song Summertime Sadness, as well as Young and Beautiful, which was produced for Baz Luhrmann’s production of The Great Gatsby last spring. Both hits were modified to suit pop radio stations, and instantly climbed to the top of the charts.

Del Rey gave the world a preview of her new album, titled Ultraviolence, last month with the release of her single, West Coast. According to an MTV-hosted Twitter Q&A with her, Del Rey describes the album as “absolutely gorgeous – darker than the first – so dark it’s almost unlistenable and wrong.” She goes on to add, “But I love it.”  However, many Duxbury High School listeners believe her 2012 album, Born To Die, is unbeatable.

Born To Die was perfect,” freshman Emma S. said.  “The sound [of Born To Die] was better than the new sound of West Coast,” freshman Katherine B. agreed.

Others present opposite viewpoints. “I think Ultraviolence will be better,” junior Becky M. said. “West Coast was a taste of what’s to come, and I jammed to it.” Sophomore Sarah P. said, “West Coast definitely stays up to the par with the rest of her music.” Junior Ginny W. said, “I think Lana has grown more mature with her musical style. Since she achieved success, she now has more artistic freedom.” Ginny went on to add that she personally hopes the album will “have a darker feel” as indicated by West Coast.

Sophomore Sam B. also voiced his hope for a darker album. “I think Ultraviolence will really open up to the deeper, darker thoughts inside the mind of Lana.”

The music video for West Coast was scheduled for release on May 6. It aired online as planned, but was pulled two hours later for technical reasons. The video was then rereleased on May 7. On May 8, Ultraviolence’s track list was publicized on Del Rey’s Facebook page, featuring song titles such as Money Power Glory and Brooklyn Baby, as well as songs already available to the public on Youtube via a leaked collection of Del Rey’s demos, such as Black Beauty.

Sam, considering himself fortunate enough to have seen the singer live at California music festival, Coachella, said, “She sings with her whole heart. You could see the love she felt for her fans through her facial expressions. She is truly captivating.”

Yet Del Rey is not so praised by other DHS students. Sophomore MaryKate E. even declared hatred for the singer. “I despise her music. I don’t like her style at all!” MaryKate said, admitting herself to be more a fan of the country genre. Sophomore Lily V. agreed. “Lana is too hipster, even gothic sometimes. She scares me,” Lily said.

According to Universal Music Group, Ultraviolence will be released on June 16. This will be Del Rey’s third album.

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