Where did Malaysian flight 370 go?

DHS Junior Sarah H. reads an article about missing Malaysian Airline flight 370 on CNN
DHS Junior Sarah H. reads an article about missing Malaysian Airline flight 370 on CNN

On March 8th, Malaysian flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur and set off for Beijing. Flight 370 never made it to Beijing. The Malaysian airline plane, Boeing 777 jet airliner, is nowhere to be found, even two months later after its disappearance. Sophomore Lauren H. said, “that is just so many people to lose.” Sophomore Annacat B. said, “I don’t think it’s hard to believe that this happened because the world is so big.”

There are many theories circulating as to what exactly happened to the plane and its 239 passengers and crew. Sophomore Nina F. said, “My brother has a theory that it landed on a Philippine island.” Junior Chris L. said, “I think the pilot had something to do with the disappearance.”

“Lost,” a popular TV show, has the storyline of a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney and Los Angeles that crashed on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. Annacat said, “ I think it was a ‘Lost’ situation.” Others like Assistant Principal Marc Talbot believe that it is sitting at the bottom of the ocean somewhere. Mr. Talbot said, “The surface area of the ocean is huge, they may never find it.” Mr. Talbot also said, “My first thought early on was the plane was hijacked and landed on some island, but I ruled that out because I thought that people much smarter than me would have thought of that already.” Sophomore Meredythe H. theorizes that, “it was taken over by terrorists and crashed somewhere.”

Many are worried about why it is taking so long to find the missing commercial plane. Mr. Talbot said, “I think that it is amazing that in this day and age with this technology that we haven’t found it.” Nina said, “I think it’s weird that they’re still talking about it [the plane] on the news.” Meredith said, “I think they should’ve found it by now.”

Many newspapers across the United States are publishing articles speculating on the details of the flight. The New York Post published an article titled “10 Theories About Missing Flight MH370.” A few of these theories consist of the possibilities of fire, pilot involvement, pilot suicide, hijacking, mechanical failure, and a cover-up. These theories are backed up by the fact that no debris from the flight has been found yet. Annacat said the fate of the flight is “some creepy little secret and the fact that no debris has been found proves my point.” Meredythe said, “I think that if it [the plane] had landed it would’ve been found by now.”

Chris is fed up with all of the discussion of flight 370. Chris said, “CNN is covering it way too much cause they’re doing it for ratings.” Now two months later nothing has been found from the flight. Some people may remember the Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in 2009. The plane went down over the Atlantic Ocean and disappeared. Bodies and wreckage were found days after the planes crash, but it took investigators nearly two years to retrieve the main wreckage and “black boxes” from Flight 447. Will it take two years to truly find out what happened to Flight MH370? People will just have to wait and see.

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