Your Guide to Duxbury Idol

Senior Kellianna S. performing a song at Duxbury Idol
Senior Kellianna S. performing a song at Duxbury Idol

By Chloe B.

Once a year, nine Duxbury High School students are chosen to sing in a spin off of “American Idol.” The contestants are eliminated one by one until one final contestant is left, and crowned the winner of Duxbury Idol.

Many DHS students have fond memories of the contest. Junior Julia F. reminisced to her childhood when she said, “I went to Duxbury Idol when I was younger. I remember it being really fun, and it felt like an actual ‘American Idol’ because I didn’t know any of the contestants.” Sophomore Heidi S. is not sure if she will attend Duxbury Idol this year, but went last year. Heidi said, “I like hearing [the contestants] sing the songs that they choose.” Like Stauss, senior Ashley D.’s favorite part about the contest is listening to the students sing. “It’s exciting to watch,” said Ashley.

Junior Ivy H., past Duxbury Idol contestant, said, “I’m doing Duxbury Idol because it’s such a great experience. You get to have fun with the other contestants, and perform for a big crowd and get really helpful feedback from the judges! It’s not about a competition at all. It’s just a super great experience, with super great people.” Ivy added, “I’m really glad I can be a part of it again this year!”

Senior Garrett D. also is participating in the show this year. Garrett said, “I have never participated in Duxbury Idol before, but it has always been a dream of mine to get in.” In regard to his song choices, Garrett said, “We have to pick four songs for the competition, and I usually practice four to five times a week.This year, round 2 of Duxbury Idol is themed; a ‘musical theater’ round in which contestants sing one song from any Broadway or musical show to the best of their abilities,” He added bluntly, “I’m doing this for fame and fortune.”

Ivy and Garrett dish about the judging aspect of the contest. Garrett said, “The people who really decide the winners are the audience, as they get to choose who their favorite was and who they want to see move on to the next round.” Ivy added, “The judges pick the final three.”

Students pick who they think is going to win. Senior Johnny C. said, “My vote is for Sam G. He will get the job done.” Junior Kay M. said, “I think Alana F. will win. She has the voice of an angel.” Julia F. thinks Mickey W. has a good chance. “[Mickey] is very passionate about his music and is outgoing. He has a good presence when he is on stage,” said Fahey. Senior Michael M. believes Kellianna S. will win for sure. Michael said, “I heard her sing in West Side Story. She was amazing!”

Duxbury Idol is made possible by the Duxbury Music Promoters. According to the DHS website, “Duxbury Music Promoters  is a parent and community volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the music departments, teachers, and students of Alden, DMS, and DHS through efforts including fundraising, publicity, and concert event support.” Ivy said, about the promoters, “[They are] a team of adults who work to raise money for the school.”

UPDATE: Duxbury Idol took place this past Saturday, May 10th. Junior Alana F. won! Congratulations to her and all the contestants who participated.


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