Nathan and Alban visit America

Nathon and Alban in Journalsim Class.
Nathon and Alban in Journalism Class.

Nathan and Alban are French foreign exchange students who visited Duxbury for two weeks to understand what life is like in America. Nathan and Alban arrived in America on May 1st and left on May 15th. The two would be considered sophomores in America. They started speaking English at 5 years old and can now speak it fluently.

Both boys really enjoyed their stay, especially the food. The Burger King cheeseburgers were one of their favorite foods to eat while here in America. They also enjoyed visiting the beach here in Duxbury, but were slightly disappointed with the colder weather here in America. Nathan and Alban also got the wonderful opportunity to visit the city of Boston. They visited the Old Church, Harvard Square, and Quincy Market where they were able to relax and eat lunch. They had a lot of fun shopping and walking around too. Boston was unlike any city they had ever seen in France. They thought the city was full of life and that the architecture was exquisite. They were very surprised to see how many buildings were made out of brick. Both Alban and Nathan agreed that they would love to visit New York City for a few days.  The city life in America is much faster than what they are used to in Lyon, France.

Nathan and Alban might be from another country but they like to do many of the things that we do in America. Both love to play video games, especially games like FIFA and Battlefield. Alban explained that he got to play Titanfall at his hosts home here in Duxbury and said it was a fantastic game. Both students love soccer. They both enjoy playing and watching the sport. Their favorite professional team is the Olympique Lyonnais.

They also share a similar taste in television shows. Nathan is currently is season 2 of Breaking Bad and had very good things to say about the show. Alban watches the Walking Dead, and is also in season 2. The Walking Dead is entering Season 5 this year in America, but because of the later release date in France, Season 3, 4, and 5 are not out yet.

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