Jeanne’s Journey Across The Pond


DHS Junior Claire H. and Senior Brooke M. pose with French student Jeanne.
DHS Junior Claire H. and Senior Brooke M. pose with French student Jeanne.

On Wednesday May 15, Mr. Brown’s journalism class was fortunate enough to receive a visit from a group of fifteen French exchange students. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeanne, a fifteen-year-old who lives and attends school in an area four hours from Paris called Lyon. Jeanne lives with her mother, father, older sister, and dog, Celtic. She attends school in Lyon as well. On average, Jeanne says she has an hour to an hour and a half of homework every night. Her favorite classes in school are gym and English.

At Duxbury High School, band and orchestra classes are extremely popular among students. In France, Jeanna does not have any music classes at her school. Some kids take music lessons outside of school but she does not.

This trip was Jeanne’s first time to America. She said, “I want to go to all of the states.” While the exchange students were here they took a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island. Jeanne’s favorite part of the trip was seeing all of the mansions. She especially loved the Kennedy’s house and could not believe that they are only summer homes.

This is not Jeanne’s first time leaving her town of Lyon. She visits Paris often as her cousins live there. She has also traveled to Italy, Kenya, England, Tunisia, Morocco, and Spain. Jeanne next wants to go and visit New York, the city that never sleeps.

Like a typical teenager, Jeanne’s favorite meal is chicken and french fries. She also loves smoothies and frozen yogurt. While she was here, she went to Sweet Frog and Pinkberry. She loved their yogurt. While she was here, Jeanne also experienced some good old American retail therapy. She bought the “cutest clothes” from American Eagle at the mall. Her favorite stores to shop at in France are Abercrombie, Super Dry, and H and M.

I was curious as to what stereotypes Jeanne thought would be true about Americans. She said that she thought that we would all be fat, and that we would actually go to our lockers in between classes like in all the tv shows and movies. She was very surprised to see that no one ever uses their locker at our school. Most of us don’t even know where they are!

Even though Jeanne lives in a foreign country, she still likes the same music as us. Her favorite artists are Lana Del Rey, the Arctic Monkeys, Jimmi Hendrix, Daft Punk, and Miley Cyrus. When I heard that she liked Miley Cyrus I was ecstatic. I immediately began to show her pictures from when I went to the concert and we both shared our love for the controversial artist. She said that she wants to go to Miley’s concert in Paris, but has to convince her parents to let her go first.

After she graduates high school, Jeanne wants to go to University in France for one year, and then transfer to an American school. After college, she wants to join the air force and be a pilot.

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