The Fault in Our Stars

TFIOS Movie Cover
TFIOS Movie Cover

By Chloe B.

Most of you have probably heard of the novel-based movie, The Fault in Our Stars. Although I can’t compare it to the book because I haven’t read it, it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is filled with faithfulness, suspense, and most importantly, love. I can assure you that by the end of this movie there will not be a dry eye in the theater.

The story starts out with a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who has cancer. She has been struggling for three years and was told she would not live for long, but here she is, a sixteen year old who is still very much alive. Hazel’s mother feels that Hazel is depressed, so she sends her to a cancer support group. This is where the second main character comes in to play, Augustus Waters. Augustus (who is nicknamed Gus by Hazel) is an attractive eighteen year old who battled cancer a few years back. He lost his right leg due to surgery procedures necessary to the removal of the cancer, but has a rod in his leg so he can walk normally. He has been cancer free for sixteen months. Many girls would call Gus the “perfect” guy. He has a great sense of humor, he is very attractive, genuinely nice, and has a heart filled with love for Hazel. Hazel and Gus end up falling in love and are one of the cutest movie couples I have ever seen.

Hazel is obsessed with a book about cancer called An Imperial Affliction, written by an author named Peter Van Houten whom she admires very much. Hazel got Gus to read the book, and he grows to like it as well. However, the ending is a painful cliffhanger and both Hazel and Gus want to find out what happens after. Gus, being the amazing guy he is, finds out the email of the author and contacts him. The author invites both Hazel and Gus to his home in Amsterdam, and with the help of Hazel’s mom, the trio makes plans to go visit.

Sadly, right before they are supposed to leave, Hazel has an attack and is rushed to the emergency room. She had fluid in her lungs that made it hard for her to breathe. She is ok, but her doctor tells her she is not allowed to make her trip to Amsterdam. Disappointed and overruled, Hazel retreats to her home and limits her time spent with Gus in effort not to break his heart if she suddenly dies. This is a very sad moment in the movie, knowing that Hazel could go at any given moment.

There is hope, though, as Hazel finds out that her parents found a way to convince her doctor to let her take the trip to Amsterdam. Hazel, Gus, and Hazel’s mom spend three days in Amsterdam. However, when Gus and Hazel go to visit Peter Van Houten, they find out that he is a drunk and a jerk, to say the least. Although disappointed and angry, the couple still has a memorable time on their journey. Gus tells Hazel that his cancer has come back, and the two mourn but still appreciate their time together.

But then tragedy strikes. After they return home, Hazel gets a call in the middle of the night from a frantic Gus telling her to come quick. Hazel rushes to the gas station where Gus is sitting in his truck, very very ill. He had an infected tumor in his stomach. Gus is brought to the hospital and the doctors tell him that he has very little time left to live. He is allowed to go home, though, and Hazel and Gus have one last good time together. Earlier in the movie, Gus asked Hazel if she could write something and speak at his funeral. Before anyone dies, Hazel reads her ‘funeral letter’ to Gus. It is so touching and you wouldn’t even believe the power that Hazel’s letter has on everyone. There are many tears during this part.

Tragically, Gus dies a mere eight days later. A put-together Peter Van Houten makes an appearance at the funeral, and although tries to talk to Hazel, is unsuccessful. Hazel wants nothing to do with the no-good man. He gives Hazel a letter and tells her that she should open it sometime. In her anger, Hazel crumples it up. The next scene is when Hazel is talking to Gus’s best friend, Isaac. Isaac has lost both eyes due to cancer, but is still an optimist. Isaac informs Hazel that the letter given to her from Van Houten was not from him, but from Gus. Hazel goes right away to her car, uncrumpled the letter, and reads it. It was a eulogy that Gus had written her to complete the end of the book she loved. The movie ends with Hazel reading Gus’s words, where he said he hopes she is happy with the choices that she made. Hazel says yes, she is very happy.

The acting in this movie was excellent. Willem Dafoe who played Van Houten in the movie does an amazing job of portraying the drunken, hard-hearted man. A personal favorite of mine is Ansel Elgort, who portrays the character of Gus. I think Elgort was a great choice for this character. He really seemed to put his whole self into this production and made it come together as a whole. Of course, I can’t forget Shailene Woodley who plays Hazel. I think she did an outstanding job. The character of Hazel is meant to be a fun, caring girl, and Woodley portrays just that.

I highly, highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. However, it is a tear jerker, so be sure to bring lots of tissues. The story of Hazel and Gus is not one to miss.

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