The Million Dollar Arm

Sophomore Cam C. checks out the trailer for a new movie, The Million Dollar Arm.

By: Mike O.

Although there was not as much hype as many other recent movies, The Million Dollar Arm delivers a touching and, most importantly, true story that deserves to go down in movie history. The film follows the thrilling story of a desperate sports agent, JB Bernstein, as he struggles to find a way to save his career. In a fascinating epiphany, JB decides to turn to India, an untapped market for young baseball players. There is a simple reason why India is an untapped market: there are virtually no baseball players in the entire country. JB’s plan is to find young cricket players and turn them into the first Indian Major League Baseball players in the history of the league through a rewarding contest called Million Dollar Arm.

JB finds his prospects in two teenagers, Dinesh and Rinku, and brings them to America to train for their MLB tryout. Their path to the MLB is not without obstacles, as everyone involved must overcome their own fears and issues in order to live the life they never dreamed possible. By the end of the story, The Million Dollar Arm has delivered countless lessons that teach viewers what it truly means to be a teammate, a friend, and, most importantly, a family.

Jon Hamm, who plays JB Bernstein, turns in an incredible performance as a stubborn, business-oriented agent who learns the importance of putting people before money. He effortlessly finds the perfect mix of greed and selfishness, and compassion and affection. He masterfully portrays the character and by the end of the movie you feel as if you have known JB for all of your life. His performance is so exceptional that his change of heart was a fulfilling triumph for all viewers.  Also, Hamm had perfect chemistry with his neighbor and eventual wife, Brenda, played by Lake Bell. The two made a believable couple driven together by the power of circumstance. Bell provides the perfect balance of quirkiness and humor to JB’s serious nature.

Overall, The Million Dollar Arm was one of the most heartwarming, everybody-wins movies of all time. The movie provides an extremely interesting story while delivering invaluable life lessons. It is the perfect movie for a vast variety of demographics. Anyone who enjoys movies about baseball, love, or family will be touched by The Million Dollar Arm. The film did incredible justice to the true story and no one will soon forget the story of JB Bernstein and his prospects and friends, Rinku and Dinesh.

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