What to Eat at the Beach?

As summertime rolls around and school comes to a close, everyone is reminded of how much of a privilege it is to live in Duxbury. The ice cream truck is all over the place selling its frozen treats, each grain of sand at the beach is glistening in the sun, and students don’t any school work to worry about. Does it get any better than that?

The vast majority of Duxbury residents hop on the beach quite frequently throughout the summer, so many people have a cuisine of their choice as they spend their day at the beach. There are plenty of food options during the summer in Duxbury, such as ice cream from Scoops or Far Far’s, or a delicious meal from the Deli, Duxbury Pizza, Benchwarmers or Dorazio’s. What’s your favorite?

Freshman Bobby M. said, “When I’m not laxing on the turf, I’m always at the beach. I go to Duxbury Pizza a lot since their food is tremendous, but the deli is really good too. I switch it up, but those are my two main choices.”

Junior Jackie S. claims she tends to go to Dorazio’s, while Becky M. heavily prefers the ice cream truck. Becky said, “I like healthy food, but I like ice cream bars better… Although I do go to Dorazio’s from time to time and get a wrap with my friends.”

Senior David C. said, “The ice cream truck is a joke. I love ice cream almost as much as I love cheetos, but it’s [just about] $5 for a popsicle. That’s outrageous. I am calling out the ice cream truck in the Dragon Flyer, and I would like them to lower their prices to something somewhat reasonable. That’s the dream.” Junior Tara C. said, “I think the prices from the ice cream truck are fine. Clearly, people are willing to pay the prices they ask for, because [the ice cream truck] is always busy when I see it at the beach. I definitely wish it was a little cheaper, though.”

Junior Rob D. said, “I don’t bring any food to the beach. Nor do I buy any food there. I do not eat.”


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