Where’s the Warm Weather?

Students walking into school are beginning to wear shorts as the weather slowly warms up.
Students walking into school are beginning to wear shorts as the weather slowly warms up.

By: Olivia M.

The month of June is commencing, yet the weather is still not up to par with summer expectations. As a result, many of the students and faculty of Duxbury High School are beginning to feel the effects of cooler temperatures. Freshman Rachel K. said, “I want it to be spring, not winter.” Freshman Meg G. said that she finds the weather to be inconsistent because it is “cold one day and really hot the next.” Junior Emily N. agreed with the opinions of Rachel and Meg, she said that she is anxious for the warm weather to come.

However, for some, the cooler weather is appreciated. “Summer is breaking at the perfect time,” said math teacher Mrs. Coleman.

Many impacts of the cool weather revolve around school, sports, appetite, and clothing choices. Sophomore Sophie T. said, “with the cold weather it is a lot harder to get up in the morning.” On a positive note, Emily N. said that when it is warm out she has a lot less motivation in school, allowing her to stay on task more as this year comes to a close with cooler temperatures. Mrs. Coleman agreed and said, “The students are a lot more focussed.”

While working on an AP Biology project, junior Elizabeth V. learned about the effects of sunlight on mood. Elizabeth said, “if there is more sunlight, there is more Vitamin D and that raises your [enzyme] levels so you are happier.” Supporting Elizabeth’s scientific findings, Sophie T. said that her teachers are usually in a better mood and assign less homework when it is hot out.

Rachel K. said that the weather impacts sports such as soccer because “the weather it determines if we practice inside or outside.” However for rower Meg G., the weather impacts her sport more than many of the others.“It is even colder on the water so the cool weather is hitting the rowers even harder,” said Meg. Freshman Aidan T. said that when it gets too hot, it becomes increasingly difficult to go on long runs at track practice. “When it is really hot, it makes it harder to exercise because you get hot and tired really quickly,” he said.

In sophomore Heidi S.’s perspective, weather also impacts appetite because she likes hot foods so she gets to eat them more in cooler weather. “I can still eat soup and hot chocolate and get away with it,” said Heidi. Dairy Twist employee Sophie T. said “On the warmer days a lot more people come and I get more tips.” However, Meg G. said that she eats ice cream in any weather.

Heidi S. said, “It was hotter last year than it is this year because last year I could wear shorts and a t-shirt and this year I can only wear jeans.” Meg G. also agreed that the weather has impacted her clothing choices and said, “I feel like I can’t get rid of my winter clothes yet.”

Freshman Wesley P. said that he looks forward to riding his bike, playing basketball, and running around outside as it starts to warm up outside. “When it is warm out you just want to get out and get moving,” said secretary Mrs. Sullivan. Even though it is cooler now, Mrs. Coleman said,  “I think this means we are going to have a beautiful summer because of it.”


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