The Never Ending War

The life I am blessed to have in this gorgeous town of Duxbury. It allows me to realize how lucky I am. Not only to be provided with top of the line schooling, and a world known beach, but a war free and peaceful country. Unlike many other countries I am able to take a walk to the corner store or down to a friends house and know no matter what I will be safe.

March 2011 was the start of the civil war in Syria. This long and tortuous war has taken the life of 160,000 plus in just 3 years. The war began with protest when the country encountered a disagreement in government. The country was divided into two, those for the Ba’ath government and those against it. The first big uprise was a protest in Daraa on March 2011. This protest was followed by serious response from the government and even left a few dead.

This act was followed by many more, and rapidly the war began. Now years later the country is shambles. With little to no running water, and food many people are beginning to get very sick and slowly facing starvation.

There are both good and bad guys on both sides of this war, but no matter what it is heart wrenching watching this all happening and knowing no one can help. Kids my age and even younger are watching their own families pass away right before their eyes. It is heartbreaking to know that this war has been going on for years.

One can only hope that the war will end soon enough, no matter who “wins” the war needs to end.

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