Breadboard Changes Capture School’s Interest

Breadboard awaits hungry seniors.

By: Kitty H

Breadboard has been a staple at DHS for years, filling the stomachs of upperclassmen. Not anymore. Never again will seniors walk into the classroom and buy food from their peers. The milkshakes that frequented the student lounge will become a thing of the past.

However, Breadboard is still teaching valuable life skills to its students. According to the Breadboard teacher, Mrs. O’Brien, “The goal [of the class] hasn’t changed; we’re still a restaurant class focused on teaching students about the culinary industry.”

While the goal hasn’t changed, the way of teaching it certainly has. The new production setup, ovens, and prep stations have made the class better for students, giving them more opportunities and a greater grasp of the culinary world, according to O’Brien.

These new tools allow Breadboard to be involved in the town both during and after of school hours. O’Brien is hoping that Breadboard will become a greater participant in the community. “[The class] is now catering for the Best Buddies dinner… and the DSU Sustainable Food Night” said Mrs. O’Brien. Also, the school cafeteria and Breadboard will work together more closely this year. Breadboard will be allowed to make a specialty dish, such as paninis or a soup of the day, which would be served in the cafeteria. Kellie Prince, the school nutrition director, is excited for the new opportunities and said, “There is not too much of a difference, the only difference is we’re working together.”

When students found out that Breadboard was only available to faculty, the reactions, of mostly seniors, ranged from anger to shock to cool apathy. Senior Rachel T. said, “It feels like we’re being punished by the school without doing anything wrong.” Senior Mackenzie B. agreed, and said “Juniors couldn’t get food last year, and [the senior class] can’t this year either… it doesn’t seem fair.”

Underclassmen are also second guessing the decision. Sophomore Siobhan T. said “Everyone waits until senior year, and the seniors got ripped off.” Even Breadboard students are feeling hurt by the change. Senior Nicole B. said, “It feels like student chef all over again.”

However, not everyone has strong feelings on the subject.  Some underclassmen believe that the seniors were the only ones affected, such as sophomore Harrison P. Underclassmen without older siblings have no experience with Breadboard, so the change has not affected them as much. Ms. Prince spoke about how the older students faced the most problems with the changes to the lunches, and that most young children readily accept and enjoy the healthier lunches in the school.

Oct 1 all seniors received an email from Mr. Stephens, informing them that the seating area around Breadboard will be open to seniors, under the conditions that the space is respected and cleaned.

Oct 7 there will be a grand opening for the new cafateria during all lunches, with raffles and samples available to students.

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