Celia B.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.07.14 PMHello, readers! My name is Celia B., and I am a senior here at Duxbury High School. I began my journalism career as a sophomore when I developed a passion for the reported word. Since then, I have enjoyed reviewing the articles of my peers and digging deeper into the news of the school. As a senior, I am an out-of-house editor for the paper. I believe journalism is a subject that every high school student should take, as it encompasses aspects from both English and history to create its own exciting world. I have gained valuable life skills from this class including a developed sense of ethicality, improved communication skills, and a passion for the truth. My other activities include Student Council, Drama, and Robotics. Despite the variation, writing is and always has been my favorite pastime.

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