Changes to Spirit Week

DHS students walking in the hallways.
DHS students walking in the hallways.

By: Kaley R

This year at Duxbury High School, the administration moved Spirit Week from the week before Thanksgiving to the week before Homecoming. Spirit Week will also be four days this year as opposed to the usual three days. The fourth day will be America Day for the whole school. Juniors will now wear camouflage instead of painter suits, and seniors can still wear togas. [CORRECTION: On Friday, October 10, after conducting an open forum with the junior class on Twitter, student council officers accepted the class’s choice of white painter suits instead of camouflage.]

Mr. Alberti, the co-advisor of Student Council, explained that the addition of a fourth day was beneficial to DHS because the students will be more involved.

Senior Chris L. is president of  Student Council’s executive board. The positions on E-board are elected by the members of student council. E-board met and it took them two hours to come to a conclusion regarding a replacement for painter suits said Chris L. The options for juniors were neon and camouflage; support for camouflage was unanimous.

The decision of whether or not to continue the senior toga tradition was the most difficult. Chris said that some teachers have reservations about the togas. For instance, if they are appropriate for school or not. For girls, and boys alike, tank top straps must be two-inches wide.

“I encourage students to come to Student Council meetings where they can have a say in these decisions or voice any questions or concerns regarding school culture,” said Chris.

Spirit Week starts on Tuesday Oct. 14 and ends on Saturday Oct. 17, the day of Homecoming. Senior Charlotte W. said, “I don’t like the change from November to October because I like it better when there are no other sports going on and when it leads to the big Thanksgiving football game.” This has been the consensus of many students at DHS, although some students like the fact that it is October rather than November. Senior Mickey W. said, “It’s good we can use our movie day costumes as Halloween costumes.” Senior Peter C. said “I like having something to look forward to in October.”  Sophomore Meredith L. said, “It’s more fun when it is in November. I look forward to Spirit Week, then Thanksgiving, then vacation.”

Freshman Colin C. said,  “If Spirit Week were a day of the week it would be Friday.”

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