New School, New Changes

Students walking down Main Street.The start of the 2014-2015 school year at the new Duxbury High School has brought forth many changes. Such changes include the use of new technology and even new traditions.

By: Sarah A.

The start of the 2014-2015 school year at the new Duxbury High School has brought forth many changes. Such changes include the use of new technology and even new traditions.

Mr. Stephens said the goal of the new school was to create a better learning environment for students.
He also says that the transition from the old school to the new school went “better than I could have hoped” and also added that he is psyched about the new opportunities the school has to offer.
Mr. Stephens continued that although certain aspects about the transition have been hard, such as accounting for all of the materials being transferred, the overall move was successful and was an exciting challenge.

There are many mixed feelings with the start of the new school year. Junior Lindsea M. does not like the crowded staircases. Senior Chris B. thinks that there needs to be more passing time between classes. He also thinks that lockers are too much of a hassle to use, especially after lunch because it takes up too much time. Senior Maddie B. dislikes the parking situation and having to walk over from the old school parking lot to the new school. She also feels that the open classrooms in the new school are distracting.

Seniors have many roles to play in order to create an environment where students feel comfortable and safe. Senior Olivia A. thinks that although the new school has an innovative tone there is also a hint of stress present. However, she thinks that this stress will lessen over time and become a more relaxed, exciting environment to be in and be part of.

Being seniors also brings forth senior privileges. Seniors are able to wait in the breadboard area during the mornings while the other high school students must wait in the cafeteria. Also, seniors get the privilege of eating lunch outside. However, there are some aspects that seniors are not happy with. Senior Mickey W. is unsatisfied about not being able to buy from Breadboard. Mickey W. said, “I’ve been waiting since freshman year to eat at breadboard. Last year they did not allow juniors, this year they don’t let seniors.”

Along with the negative aspects, there are also features that students enjoy about the new school. Sophmore Abby M. likes the new layout of the building because it is much easier to navigate through and find classes. “The layout is better, the lockers are convenient, it’s clean, and everyone is more respectful towards the property because it just looks nicer.” Abby M. also hopes that art starts to be hung up and murals painted around the new school. Lindsea M. likes how big the new the new school is. Chris B. likes that the new school isn’t falling apart like the old school was and not having to “breathe in asbestos.” Olivia A. likes the new technology. Mickey W. likes the easy setup of the school so classes are easier to find.

Mr. Talbot hopes that the school sets a tone that is not only filled with positive school spirit, but also a respectful one that reflects on the great community that Duxbury is. “There is nothing to not like about this new building,” said Mr. Talbot. He also hopes that with all the new opportunities the new school has to offer, DHS will become a more respectful, fresh, cultural and exciting environment.

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