Breast Cancer Awareness Month At DHS

Duxbury Football shirt to promote breast cancer awareness.
Duxbury Football shirt to promote breast cancer awareness.

By: Sarah A.

During the month of October, students and faculty at Duxbury High School wear pink clothing to raise awareness for breast cancer. Festivities are already in full swing which means a month filled with events like spirit week, homecoming, upcoming Halloween plans, pep rallies and pink clothing to promote awareness for breast cancer. October is the official breast cancer month, and pink is the color worn to show support.
Breast cancer awareness is a staple at DHS, and most everyone gets involved to help bring consciousness to the matter.

Each year, the Duxbury football team sells T-shirts that have the breast cancer awareness sign on it and the organizations that Duxbury football is fundraising for. This year, the team is donating to the Dana Mona Monogamy organization. Students and faculty buy these shirts and rep them during school and sports games to help recognize the cause. Senior football player Chris B. thinks that T-shirts being sold in school to help fundraise are very helpful and bring attention to the subject. “By simply displaying the breast cancer foundation and pink colors, people are reminded about the cause every single time they see the shirts,” Chris B. said. Shirts this year are being sold for $20 each, and the Gridiron Club is donating all of the money to charity organizations. Duxbury football coach Mr. Maimaron says that around 600 T-shirts are sold every year and they have raised over $10,000 in the past three years.

Other sports teams participate in their own ways to show their support for the foundation. Girls’ soccer wears pink headbands, athletic tape, and shoelaces. They also use pink soccer balls during their games. Boys’ soccer wears pink laces, tape and sweatpants. The football team wears pink wristbands and breast cancer stickers on the back of their helmets. Field hockey wears pink headbands and pink high socks. The cheerleading team wears pink T-shirts, bows, and glitter. The volleyball team does not wear breast cancer clothing during the month, however they do support other important causes to help raise awareness for other illnesses. Senior volleyball captain Kenzie B. said, “I’m all for breast cancer awareness but everyone does pink. I think it’s good to bring awareness for other things as well.” Last year volleyball helped fundraise for pancreatic cancer and wore purple to events to help spread awareness. This year, they are supporting autism.

Junior Squire T. thinks that wearing pink during October is very helpful to the organizations, and breast cancer attire is a great way to increase recognition for the cause.

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