Cafeteria Opening Offers New Options

Ribbon cutting ceremony officially opens the new cafeteria.
Ribbon cutting ceremony officially opens the new cafeteria. Photo courtesy of Kellie Prince, Chartwells.

By: Kitty H

On Oct 7 the new cafeteria officially opened to the split middle-high school, and both students and teachers were excited with the changes.

Barbara Kempkon, the regional executive chef, was brought in by Chartwells for the special occasion as part of the chef-to-schools program. She was in control of the chaotic kitchen, masterfully dodging open ovens and ducking hot pans while still managing to say her piece. Kempkon says that schools are “teaching [students] that eating healthy isn’t a punishment.”

Along with eating healthier, the school wants students to have a bigger say in what food is served. Kempkon believes that if students want  certain food “they can ask–it’s their cafeteria,” and Kellie Prince, the Chartwells director for DHS, says she is “always looking for more options.”

The special dish for the day was a “noodle bowl” and students were given a base of whole grain noodles and were allowed to put in a variety of mix-ins such as chicken, tofu, or vegetables.

In addition to the special dish, the cafeteria will now be offering all Boar’s Head deli meats for sandwiches. Boar’s Head deli meats are all gluten free, and Prince is taking recommendations about how to help those with food-allergies.

Senior Eva C. said she appreciated “the innovation and flavor complexity of the noodles,” but would like to see a wider variety of cultures represented in the school lunches. Senior Michelle M. also noticed the new foods, and said “the cafeteria is trying to help the students who miss Breadboard.”

Some students however, such as Junior Heather O. felt there was no difference, and that before and after the grand opening the cafeteria was “still too small.”

With new legislature about school lunches being passed every year, Chartwells, and the rest of school-lunch providers, are looking to keep things fresh. Prince is at every lunch, and students can call, email via Firstclass, or stop by at her office with suggestions.

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