DMS: The other side to the story

While the students at Duxbury High School represent one side of a coin, the students at Duxbury Middle School depict the other face.

Entrance to the new Duxbury Middle School
Entrance to the new Duxbury Middle School

Like the high school, drastic changes have been made to been made to how the middle school operates throughout the day. In lieu of backpacks, middle schoolers now house all of their belongings in their respective lockers. “I like how we can store our stuff without having to carry it with us all the time,” said sixth Grader Caeilin C, “It helps because you know where all your stuff is.”
On the contrary, many students have feltthat the loss ofbackpacks hasn’t been helpful. “The first week, no one could get the lockers open and we all had to rush to class,” sixth grader Gabby H. said. “I don’t really like the lockers,” said eighth grader Luna P, “I miss being able to carrying your things and not have to struggle to get your locker open.”
Another major change from the old middle school is discontinuation of homeroom. In its place, the open areas set up in various places throughout are now being used for an unofficial homeroom. “Being able to hang out in an the open areas in the morning is good because you can see your friends.” said eighth grader Grace P. “The team areas are a good place to hang out in the morning,” eighth grader Jack J. said, “I think that they were a good idea.”
Many students have been excited and content with the additions and changes to the school policies and procedures. However, some have felt that there could have been more improvements made to the old school. Seventh grader Cole D. said, “I miss the size of the gym. We used to have two separate gyms and a lot of room to move around and split up. Now, we only have one small gym for everyone.” Many students were surprised that the gym was downsized so significantly. “I was surprised that the gym was made smaller.” Cole D. continued. Eighth Grader Jack J. said the gym was much too small for all three grades. “Last year we had two separate levels. We could use both of them and do different things. I like the new rockwall but I think that the new gym is way too small for all the middle schoolers.”
The cafeteria is another aspect of the new school many middle schoolers are unpleasantly surprised with. “It’s really hard to find a seat in the cafeteria when the seventh and eighth graders have lunch with us,” sixth grader Julian L. commented, “It gets really crowded and sometimes I have to sit by myself.” The dividing barrier between the two schools was also very surprising to some students at. Eighth grader Beau B. said “I think there should’ve been a permanent wall between the two schools. I don’t really understand the small divider set up now.”
For the sixth graders, change has been abundant in about every aspect of their academic environment. Making the transition from Alden is a big leap for the sixth graders and many have had mixed responses about the change. “I miss recess a lot.” Julian L. said, “I miss being able to run around and take a break from school for a little while.” For Gabby H., the social interactions between one teacher and the teacher’s students are something she misses very much. “I miss the teachers being able to get to know you on a personal level,” Gabby said, “I like the Middle school but I want to get to know my teachers better.”
Though some people feel like changes could have been made, the general consensus is approval from the students at Duxbury middle school. “I like the school for the most part even though some things could have been improved,” eighth grader James L. said. “I like it much better than the old school.” said Luna P., “It’s much cleaner and there’s a lot more space” Peary, like many, enjoys the new changes from the Old Middle School to the new Middle School. “I think it’s overall a better, cleaner environment” James L added.

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