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The Superior HTC One versus the frail iPhone 6.
The Superior HTC One versus the frail iPhone 6.


“Whoa, that’s a huge phone!”

“What is that? A T.V.?”

“Does that even fit in your pocket?”

“You STILL do not have an iPhone, Maggie?”

All of these statements have been made to me regarding my phone(s) for a number of years. My name is Maggie C., and yes, I do have an Android.

My journey with Droids began in middle school when I got my Droid Incredible which was, might I add, incredible. I loved that phone, her name was Sierra, and she will always have a place in my heart. I moved on to the Chocolate Touch, which was not an Android, but whatever. Then along the way I made my way back to the Android family with the purchase of my Samsung Galaxy S3. Now, I have an HTC One (named Theresa), and am still absolutely smitten with the side I have taken.

With the release of the iPhone 6, surrounded by everyone’s “Oohs,” and “Aahs,” I beg the question: How do you not realize that this phone has copied the Droid design completely?

My phone (HTC One) has a screen display of 4.7 inches; the new iPhone 6 also has a screen display of 4.7 inches. The HTC One Max is the largest HTC phone with a screen display of 5.9 inches, while the HTC One (M8) lies somewhere in between at a comfortable 5.0 inches. The iPhone 6 plus is about 5.5 inches, and came out after all of the aforementioned droids. Both the HTC One and the iPhone 6 have 1080p HD display. While the iPhone 6 is thinner than my phone, at 6.9 millimeters, I like having something a little bit thicker (9.33 mm) to hold onto so I do not feel like I am grasping air.

The Nexus 4 was released in 2012 and it has a 4.7-inch screen, 760 pixel (p) resolution (res.), notification action widgets, third-party keyboards, cross-app communication, cloud photo backup, and battery stats. Sound familiar? Not quite, as the iPhone 6 only has 750p res. Sorry I just had to point it out. I can be a little nit-picky sometimes. Shoutout to all of the iPhone users though who technically have a phone from 2012! Throwback Thursday all day every day am I right?!

To me, it seems as if iPhone users, without even knowing it, are stuck in the past. The Droids of today currently feature water-resistance and wireless charging, whereas the iPhones would need a life-proof case for it to take a swim (ironically enough many of my friends have broken their life-proofs, so odds that you should actually take your phone swimming are slim).

I have never owned an iPhone, and as of now, I do not plan on ever owning one. Droids have a lot more technological capabilities, and while iPhones are easier to use, nothing worth having ever comes easily. Androids have always had capabilities like Swype (When you swipe letters on the keyboard to type), automation (setting your phone to turn off/on at specific times, etc.), and far more extravagant capabilities with regard to home-screen personalization. In addition, a lot of Android phones still have removable backs to change to a bigger battery. You can also have multiple apps and windows open at once, side by side, on Androids, which means that I could text people while watching Orange is the New Black if I wanted to.

The iPhone has always been too small for me, with the screen size being far too narrow. While that has changed with the new iPhone 6, I have had a phone just like the 6 for about 10 months and am perfectly content with it. It is super industrial, as it is made out of steel, so even when I drop it without a case (everyday) it hardly develops a scratch.

I will acknowledge that the iPhone is a quality phone, but it is incredibly overrated. I can customize my texting so that it is not always blue or green. I can use a universal charging cord that most electronic devices, other than Apple products, use as well. My phone has Beats audio capabilities, basically meaning that it has awesome sound regardless of whether or not my headphones are plugged in. Perhaps the most important detail though, is that for some reason, I have awesome service at school and no one else does.

In hindsight, my phone can do everything your phone can do but better.

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