Ms. LS: A New Face to the Science Department

Ms. LS joins the DHS faculty this year.
Ms. LS joins the DHS faculty this year.

By: Aidan T.

The opening of the new school brought a lot of changes, including the addition of new teachers at Duxbury High School.

Ms. Lodge-Scharff, or Ms. LS as she is called by her DHS students, is the newest face in the science department. Before coming to teach in Duxbury, Ms. LS grew up in a coastal town in Maine with her siblings. “[Duxbury] feels a lot like my hometown,” she said. Ms. LS attended Colby college and graduated with a degree in Physics.

Before teaching in Duxbury, Ms. LS worked as a substitute teacher in Maine as well as presenter of science seminars for kids all across Massachusetts for the Museum of Science, Boston.

While transitioning into a new school environment may be a daunting task to some, Ms. LS adjusted nicely. “There are a lot of similarities between my hometown and Duxbury,” she said. “I feel very comfortable teaching in this town.” Ms. LS has also been very impressed with the students that she teaches at the high school. “It’s a very committed environment. Students are very determined to do well and it makes me happy.”

Ms. LS has felt that she has been able to flourish in her job due to the help of the administration. “I think that my colleagues and the administration are willing and able to help me create some really cool science for my students,” she explained.

Recently, Ms. LS and many other teachers from the high school had the opportunity to attend the MASSCUE conference at Gillette Stadium. There, Ms. LS had the opportunity to meet many vendors and designers of the products and tools used in many classes at DHS. “The best part about [MASSCUE] for me was the chance to see all the vendors for the products we use,” Ms. LS said, “I got to ask questions and learn about other products we can use in our classrooms.”

Ms. LS spent her first day scanning a series of QR codes (square barcodes seen on everything from coffee cups to movie posters) and answering questions for a chance to win prizes at the conference. At the end of the first day, Ms. LS had trounced the rest of the competition with quick thinking and aid from her colleagues. She ended up coming away with a Blu-Ray DVD player as well as the top prize, a 3D printer. “I wanted to win the 3D printer so I could use it for science,” she said. “It’s a really cool instrument that I look forward to using in the classroom more.”

Feeling welcome and at home in Duxbury has not been difficult for this new teacher. “I went to the homecoming game against Silver Lake,” Ms. LS said. “I was there with some other teachers and people that I know. I was really surprised and happy when people stopped and said hello. Both parents and students greeted me and it made me feel really welcome.”

Ms. LS has also been exceedingly impressed by her students’ work ethic outside of school. “I love that so many of my students have jobs. Whether it’s down at Benchwarmers or FarFars, I think it’s really beneficial for kids to know what it is like to work,” she said.

“It’s been wonderful how welcome everyone has made me feel and I appreciate that,” Ms. LS said, “It’s truly a testament to the community.”

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