Fall Fashion at DHS

A walk in the woods with Vans sneakers this fall
A walk in the woods with Vans sneakers this fall

By: Sarah A.

The falling of the leaves reintroduces new styles and looks for the season. Popular clothing articles such as boots, yoga pants, Patagonias, and military jackets invade the halls and are among the popular clothing items worn by Duxbury High School students.

Students prefer a variety of styles. On top of the regular fads, Senior Maggie A. likes to wear scarves and vests. Thursday is “Flannel Thursday” for Maggie A., and is a signature day for her.

Junior Cam A. likes flannels and long sleeve shirts during the fall. Sophomore Emma S. said, “I enjoy wearing brown boots, sweaters, and warm infinity scarves” when the weather gets colder. Senior Olivia A. said, “My fall mantra is ‘vest days are the best days’ so I love love love vests. I also love dark jeans and big necklaces!”

On rushed days, students have their outfits that are quick and easy to put on during mornings when casual is the way to go. Sophomore Madison M. said, “I love dresses because they’re so comfy, so that would be casual for me.” Madison M. also loves to wear boots, jeans, and light sweaters. Freshman Lizzie A. said, “normally I’ll wear Converse with leggings and a Patagonia, or any big sweatshirt that keeps me comfortable.” Olivia A. said, “Ten times out of ten my go to outfit is something along the lines of either a vest or monograms or both!” Senior Ali B. said that her causal days consist of leggings, Converse sneakers, sweaters and flannels.

With so many styles and trends, there are many stores that students shop at to find their favorite looks and clothing items. Maggie A. said, “I like to shop everywhere! Wherever I can find fun and cheap stuff.” Cam A. likes PacSun and Gap. Madison M.’s favorite store to find the latest fall styles and fashion is Nordstrom. Lizzie A. said, “I like to shop at Forever 21 because you can find so many styles and clothing options to put together!” Emma S.’s top favorite stores to shop at are Brandy Melville, H&M and American Apparel.

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