The iPhone 6: Is Bigger Better?

Junior Abbey M. holds her iPhone 6 with both hands, showing the large size.
Junior Abbey M. holds her iPhone 6 with both hands, showing the large size.

By: Molly C.

Apple released its newest iPhone, the iPhone 6, on Sept. 25. The product differs from the majority of past iPhones in size as well as quality. The iPhone 6’s screen size is 4.7 inches compared to the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen. Immediately after release, the phone went on back order.

Junior Morgan R. likes this new iPhone much better than her previous iPhone 5,
due to the improved camera quality and processing speed. Junior Abbey M. also upgraded from the iPhone 5 to the 6 this fall. Abbey agrees with Morgan on the better camera quality of the new iPhone 6.

However, there is some controversy over the size of the phone. Morgan said, “Even though it’s much bigger than my old phone, I can still fit it in all my pockets and bags.”

Abbey disagreed with this statement and said, “The size of the iPhone 6 is too large and hard to get into a pocket.” Sophomore Nick A. agrees with Abbey. “I feel as if the phone is too big,” said Abbey.

Senior Maddy L. has not acquired the new iPhone yet but would like to get it at some point this year. Maddy thinks the camera quality is an improvement and that the phone itself works faster than previous iPhones. “I think it’s worth all the hype,” said Maddy.

Senior Maddie F. likes the new iPhone 6 as well and said, “I think that I will get one when my iPhone 5 breaks.”

However, is the new iPhone’s hype worth its price? Maddie does not agree with the expensive price of the phone, which can reach as much as $399 with an upgrade depending on the amount of gigabytes acquired. She said that it is “just like most other phones out there.”

Junior Julia W. agrees that the price of the new iPhone is expensive. She thinks that the camera seems enhanced on the new phone, but does not understand the reason for all the hype about the iPhone 6. “I wouldn’t get it until I have an upgrade, “ said Julia.

Sophomore Nick A. does not particularly like the iPhone 6. He does not think the phone is worth the buzz it has been receiving recently, and would not consider getting one in the future.

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