A New Face Finds a Spot in DHS History


Mr. Dennis finds himself having a blast at this point in his career at Duxbury High School.
Mr. Dennis finds himself having a blast early in his career at Duxbury High School.

By Tyler M.

Due to the retirement of a number of veteran teachers at the end of last year, Duxbury High School had to find new teachers willing to fill the holes in its staff list. One of these newly hired staff members is Mr. Dennis who has joined the Social Studies department as a 9th grade World History teacher and is excited to be at the school.

Mr. Dennis grew up in Cambridge and spent seven years in Baltimore after high school: four years in college and three years running a student travel company with his brother, and then spent two years in Jamaica, where they sent college kids during spring break. Then he moved abroad to Thailand to teach English as a second language and lived there for four years. After that, he came back to Massachusetts, got his master’s degree in education, and began his career as a history teacher, also teaching freshman World History at Arlington High School before coming to Duxbury.

Already, he has many students that are fond of him because of his sympathy toward them. “Mr. Dennis is an awesome dude,” said freshman Andre E. “He’s really understanding of your life and what you have going on. He’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and he does not overload you with work. He’s really good about that.”  Freshman Teddy O. said, “He’s a good guy. He’s helped me [improve] my study habits.”

For others, the structure of his classes make them most enjoyable. “He teaches us in a lot of different ways,” said freshman Justin W. “One of our tests was a mock trial instead of an actual written test, so that was pretty cool. He changes up the class a lot and he’s really creative in the way he teaches us.” Fellow freshman Alex K. added, “Mr. Dennis makes class interesting. He relates the [lessons] to stuff [that’s important today.] Usually I don’t like history because it’s in the past, but he compares it to stuff today that I can relate to.”

Mr. Dennis is also well-liked and considered very qualified within his department. “His background is very unique and it’s one of the reasons he was a very strong candidate for the position here, [because it] gives him a global perspective that he can pass onto his students,” said Subject Supervisor for Social Studies Mr. Hoey. “He brings a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm into his classes, [which I see] when I walk in. He gets really into [his lessons] and his students get into [them too]. So, he’s been a great addition to our department and to our school.”

Thankfully, Mr. Dennis has enjoyed his time at DHS. “My transition has been amazing,” he said. “The students are fantastic. The staff has been really welcoming, and Duxbury has been a really nice environment to be a part of. I’d heard a lot of good things about Duxbury before starting here, and everything I’ve experienced so far has matched [those rumors].”

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