Ms. Sprague: A Kingston Laker Joins the DHS Family

Ms. Sprague enjoys her new position as a sophomore English teacher
Ms. Sprague enjoys her new position as a sophomore English teacher

By: Aidan Taberner

Having taught in both Pembroke and Hull, Ms. Sprague has found her way back to the familiar shores of Duxbury.

Ms. Sprague joined the DHS faculty this year as a sophomore English teacher and teaches the new elective, “Skills for the Real World.” Before coming to DHS, Ms. Sprague grew up right next to Duxbury in Kingston. Ms. Sprague graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in English.

When Ms. Sprague graduated she worked at Hull Middle School and Pembroke High School before she came to Duxbury. In Pembroke, Ms. Sprague put her talents as a former High School cheerleader to use and coached the Pembroke cheer team for four seasons. Ms. Sprague has been impressed with Duxbury’s cheer team as well. “I recently went to one of their competitions. I have to say I thought the were really talented. It was great because I got to see the teams from Kingston and Pembroke as well as Duxbury,” she said.

Ms. Sprague has had a very smooth transition to DHS.  “All of the co-workers that I work with have been very friendly and people have gone out of their way to help me,” she said. “All of the teachers in the work room… people will drop what they’re working on and help me which is really nice.”

Also, DHS students have impressed Ms. Sprague. She said, “I like the work ethic of my students. They seem to value their education and have been and still are very respectful.” Ms. Sprague also said that she has been very impressed by her students saying a simple “thank you” when exiting the class.

Ms. Sprague’s students feels like she fits in at DHS. Sophomore Devin B. said “I think Ms. Sprague jumped right into the school community with a positive attitude… I enjoy her class because everything is organized and easy to follow along. Overall, she has been a great teacher and has helped me strengthen my learning skills.” Sophomore Nicole N. said, “She’s been a good teacher so far because she actually cares about her students. She isn’t too pushy about the assignments or class work.”

Ms. Sprague has also felt like technology has really helped out the students. “The technology gives you the things to be really creative and research things like topics.” Ms. Sprague also feels like the laptops were a very good idea.

“I think that [Duxbury] is a very nice community,” Ms. Sprague said. “Everyone is motivated and wants to do well.”

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