The Holiday Rush: Black Friday Anticipation Begins

Black Friday advertisements have been appearing in the mail regularly.

By: Molly C.

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday, Nov. 28. The chaos of Black Friday begins at midnight as people line up outside of local malls and shopping centers in order to score great deals. The real question is, though, whether the long lines and late hours are really worth it, or if the night itself is just too crazy.

Sophomore Julia C. will not be going shopping this upcoming Black Friday. “I feel like sometimes [Black Friday] can get too crazy to the point where people actually fight over items,” said Julia.

Junior Mia W. is planning on spending her Black Friday shopping at some of her favorite stores. “Who isn’t trying to score deals?” said Mia. She does feels, though, that the night will end up being hectic.

Junior Hugh G. agrees with Mia that the night overall will be chaotic, but that the deals many stores are offering may be worth it. “It’s always great to get a bang for your buck,” said Mia.

Senior Matt B. is going Black Friday shopping this year for the first time with his friends. He thinks that shopping on this night looks fun, but enjoys his sleep, which is why he has never gone previously. “I feel like it is crazy but its also fun and spontaneous, which is why people do it,” said Matt.

Junior Julia D. also plans on going out this Black Friday. Julia loves Black Friday shopping because of the deals she is able to get, but warns against some of the products people may be looking to buy. “A lot of stores have bad quality items on sale which can be a problem,” said Julia.

Although some love the thrill of a good deal, others are not convinced Black Friday is worth the hype.

Senior Liam B. feels that Black Friday is overrated. “One thing I don’t understand is why people will stand in line for hours to get a discounted Xbox,” said Liam.

Junior Nicole D. does not feel that the deals that Black Friday offers are really worth a night spent in loud and overcrowded malls. “The deals aren’t as good as people make them out to be,” said Nicole.

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