Christmas Traditions: A Claus for Celebration

Christmas festivities have begun in Boston
Christmas festivities have begun in Boston

By: Sarah A.

With the seasonal change to winter less than two weeks away, Christmas is fast approaching. Traditions play an important role in the holiday season, and everyone at DHS has their own ways to celebrate.

Sophomore Abby M. said her favorite part about Christmas is how happy everyone is. “I love seeing all the lights and decorations and picking out gifts for people that I know they’ll love has to be one of my favorite things ever,” said Abby M. Her family’s traditions also include putting up decorations the day after Thanksgiving, having an elf on the shelf, going to mass on Christmas Eve and putting out “Reindeer food.”
Senior Marie S. goes to Tinkertown every Christmas Eve to look at the luminaries lined up and down the streets. Marie S. said, “Christmas Eve is my favorite, it’s better than Christmas.” She also loves to listen to Christmas music during the holiday season.

Some students like Senior Matt B. enjoy getting to spend time with friends and family during the holiday season. Senior Kristin S. also enjoys spending time with family and always decorates her Christmas tree when her brother comes home from college. Other students like Freshman Jess V. like to get in the Christmas spirit through festivities. Jess V. said one of her favorite traditions is decorating her house and Christmas tree while listening and dancing to Christmas music. Others love the holiday foods. Senior Jill S. said some of her family’s traditions include making chocolate Swiss pie, putting out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, seeing her relatives and opening presents every hour on Christmas Day. Jill S. said, “It’s just complete happiness and bliss.”

Some students love the gift-giving aspect of Christmas. Junior Kayla S. said it is a tradition for her family and friends to celebrate Christmas Eve together, exchange presents and watch fireworks. Sophomore Madison M. enjoys buying funny gifts for people and watching Christmas movies. Madison M.’s family also celebrates “The 12 days of Christmas” where the presents from Christmas are spread out over Christmas and the following 11 days so they are not all opened until January 3rd. Senior Chris B. said, “We have a family Christmas party on Christmas Eve and a fake Santa comes over and gives out one gift to each kid.”

Christmas movies are a popular tradition for many to get in the holiday spirit. Kristin S. loves The Polar Express. Jess V.’s is Rudolph. Madison M.’s is A Christmas Story. Kayla S. enjoys watching Elf. Jill S.’s favorite is Elf. Abby M.’s is also Elf. She said, “It’s just so funny! My family keeps it out year round and will watch it even if it’s the middle of the summer.”

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