Prom Season is Quickly Approaching!

The red carpet at the 2014 DHS Prom. Picture courtesy of Karen Wong
The red carpet at the 2014 DHS Prom. Picture courtesy of Karen Wong

By: Kaley R

In recent years Prom has been hosted in the Duxbury High School gym. This year prom is on Sat. May 16 at Gillette Stadium. The DHS junior, senior prom will not be hosted in the gym this year in order to preserve the new school, said President of the junior class, Eric Seewald.

The prom committee this year consists of the junior class officers and students who volunteered for the position. The committee is advised by the junior clScreen Shot 2015-01-19 at 7.34.02 PMass officers and Mr. Files who is the class of 2016 student council advisor. The committee consists of junior class president Eric Seewald, vice president Celia Borghesani, secretary Cam Anello, and executive board publicity coordinator Cammy Schiller. The committee volunteers are Nicole Quinlan, Alex White, Maddy Sinnott, Anna Sullivan, Evan Butler, Kathryn Peters, and Emma MacKinnon.

The committee hosts meetings every Thursday morning in Mr. Files’ room. They try and talk about all of the logistics that have to be discussed about prom.

The red carpet has been a popular tradition at DHS. The red carpet is going to be down main street. With usual spectators of parents, grandparents, and friends watching over the balconies of the second and third floors, according to junior class president Seewald. The committee has taken into consideration the concern about how parents will take pictures from up there, and they are considering  hiring a professional photographer to ensure that every couple has a picture on the red carpet.

Now that the red carpet will be held indoors, students were wondering if arriving to the prom in a creative fashion would still be an option. The answer is yes. According to the committee, students will be dropped off by their cars in front of the middle school entrance. Before the prom festivities begin, spectators will have to make the decision of either seeing the cars by watching from outside or seeing the dresses from watching above the red carpet.

Due to the prom being held at Gillette, there will be no theme and DHS students are unable to decorate it. In order to enter the prom at Gillette, students will be required to ride up on the coach buses that the school provides. Students are also required to take the bus home.

Seewald would like to make it known that the prom committee has to commit the number of students who are going to prom by May 1st. The prom committee thinks they are going to start selling tickets for prom beginning after February vacation.

The price of prom tickets will go up this year since it is not being held at DHS. Prom committee is unaware of the amount right now. “Currently, we are planning a prom ticket giveaway. Students will be able to purchase tickets and their names will be thrown into a pool of other names, and the winner of the giveaway will win a pair of prom tickets.” said Anello. He also said, if the first round of the raffle is successful they will do another raffle later in the spring. Also, the annual competition for the best “prom-posal” will make a return and the winner will receive two free prom tickets.

Junior Nicole Quinlan who is on the prom committee said, “I think there are gonna be a lot of big changes but I still think it will be a really fun, positive experience.”

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