From the Battlefield of Lexington, Mrs. Doherty Joins DHS History

Mrs. Doherty poses with a wax Abraham Lincoln in Washington D.C.
Mrs. Doherty poses with a wax Abraham Lincoln in Washington D.C.

By: Aidan T.

From the historical town of Lexington, Mrs. Doherty has found her way to the equally historical Duxbury as a new teacher of US History I.

Mrs. Doherty attended elementary school in Lexington Massachusetts before moving to Long Island with her family. Years later, Mrs. Doherty attended the College of the Holy Cross and graduated with a major in political science and a minor in economics. Afterwards, Mrs. Doherty graduated from Stony Brook University with a masters in History.

Mrs. Doherty has been teaching for four years. Before teaching in Duxbury, she taught at a school in a New York suburb. “I feel like there are a lot of similarities between Duxbury and the school I taught in,” Mrs. Doherty said. “The one big difference is that I was teaching a lot of English Language learners. However, I am still teaching the same thing here [DHS] that I was teaching there.”

Mrs. Doherty has been very impressed with DHS and has made many friends and developed valuable relationships with her fellow teachers. “I have really enjoyed teaching in Duxbury,” Mrs. Doherty said. “All the students have been very respectful and I also think that the school environment and home environment has a lot to do with how well the students do in school.”

As a fellow new teacher, Ms. Lodge-Scharff has formed a strong relationship with Mrs. Doherty. “Mrs. Doherty and I are friends both inside and outside of school. I feel likes she has fit in swimmingly at DHS.” Ms. LS has also felt that she and Mrs. Doherty have created strong bonds with their fellow teachers. “As a new teacher, I feel like Mrs. Doherty and I have formed a nice camaraderie with the other new teachers and she has been a vital addition to that group.”

Mr. Hoey, the History Department head, has felt Mrs. Doherty has excelled in her position. “What we saw in Mrs. Doherty when we interviewed her was somebody who is knowledgeable and energetic and I think that has been translated what we see today.” Mr. Hoey has also been impressed with Mrs. Doherty’s positive attitude. “She’s always smiling and in a good mood and she really works well both within her department and with others.

Along with her colleagues, Mrs. Doherty is well-respected by her students. Sophomore Devin B. said, “In my opinion, she runs a very organized class. Most of the class work we do is really fun but we are still learning while we are doing it. I am so happy to be in a class where I feel so comfortable and stress free.” Sophomore T.J. B. feels that he has leaned a lot from Mrs. Doherty. “I have learned a lot from Mrs. Doherty and I feel like she has been a really good History teacher for me this year.”

Mrs. Doherty has enjoyed is implementing technology into her classroom in a fun and interesting way. “I run basically a paperless classroom,” Mrs. Doherty said. “Experimenting with all kinds of new technology has been great and I think it really makes an interesting classroom environment.”

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