Postponed School Demolition Starting Soon

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The blueprint plan for the old middle and high school shows the demolition areas.

By: Molly C.

The demolition of the old high school and middle school were to be underway before the end of 2014. This delay was due to the discovery of hazardous materials such as asbestos.

When the hard ceilings of the schools were taken off, asbestos was seen this past fall. This resulted in a halt in the project, pushing back the originally scheduled date for the beginning of the demolition.

With this discovery, an engineer was called in to observe and check the ceilings to verify the substance was a hazardous material. They then have to make a plan, and bring this plan to the state department for approval. “This takes up to 10 business days,” said Mr. Donovan.

The second floor windows of the middle school were originally not going to be taken out, but upon discovery of hazardous materials, they have been. This possibly could have been the source of the hazardous materials said Mr. Donovan.

School Building Committee Chair Elizabeth Lewis says that the demolition of the middle school will begin at the end of this month. The old high school should begin to come down in late March, but the process is timely.

“It takes four weeks to take it down, and another three weeks to sort the materials into piles,” said Lewis. There has been an increase in the number of workers on the job this past fall with the delay in demolition.

About 99% of the materials taken from the old middle and high school are recycled, while the remaining materials are able to be sold.

“[The project] should all be done by September of 2015,” said Mr. Donovan.

The drop off and traffic plan for next year are still currently under debate. The traffic plan needs to receive approval from The School Board Committee.  

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