Winter Festivities

Sledding is one winter activity students do on snow days
Sledding is one winter activity students do on snow days

By: Sarah A.

The winter months bring many new activities for people to do. Duxbury High School students enjoy many aspects of the snowy weather and embrace the winter festivities offered.

A few activities that students enjoy are skiing, skating and sledding. Senior Katie W. said that she goes skating at Frog Pond and sometimes goes skiing in the winter. Sophomore Colleen M. also enjoys going sledding. Sophomore Anne S. said she likes to go skiing in New Hampshire and also likes to go sledding. Freshman Jess V. loves going sledding and goes skiing in Gunstock.

Students also like to watch Netflix in the winter. Junior Cam A. said he recently watched the television shows Law and Order, Special Victims Unit, and American Horror Story. Colleen M. said, “I love Netflix. I really like Orange Is The New Black and One Tree Hill.” Senior Summer S. said, “I love [the television show] Criminal Minds.” DHS teacher Ms. Benson said she watched the shows The Fall and The West Wing. 

There have been four snow days so far this year, and students have spent the days off doing various activities. Summer S. spent her days sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate, reading and catching up on Netflix. Junior Kayla S. spent the snow days inside and watched movies. Cam A. said, “I caught up on a lot of sleep this last break, so that definitely took up a lot of time. I watched a lot of Netflix, and then usually went outside to shovel, but that was not my favorite one bit.” Katie W. said she and her family played the game “heads up” during the blizzard.

DHS faculty members have spent the snow days doing different activities as well. Teacher Mr. O’Connell said he shoveled a lot during the blizzard. “I helped a lot of other people with shoveling” and “cleared a lot of snow,” said Mr. O’Connell. Mr. O’Connell also went to RooBar, Belfry Inn and Sienna during the days off. Ms. Benson said she shoveled for her parents and grandparents after the blizzard. Ms. Benson also watched movies and baked cookies for a church that is sending Valentines Day cookies to students at college.

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