Fire Drill Drama Comes to an End

Old DMS sits next to the parking lot where students and faculty meet during fire drills and emergencies
Old DMS sits next to the parking lot where students and faculty meet during fire drills and emergencies

By: Aidan T.

The evacuation plan for Duxbury High School has been re-configured to fit the needs of the new school.

The new evacuation plan states that students and teachers are to exit through the doors leading outside to the parking lot and walk to the part of the parking lot that corresponds with their specific floor.

Teachers on the first floor exit the building through the exits and walk down the parking lot, all the way over near the DSU. The first floor teachers are followed by the second floor teachers who meet with their students in the middle of the parking lot. The third floor teachers and students are to meet at the front of the parking lot, closest to the school.

Duxbury’s Deputy Fire Chief, Mr. Christopher West, has been impressed with the efficiency of the new plan. “At the beginning of the school year, we were doing a lot of fire drills to see what needed to be improved,” Deputy West said, “The first fire drill we had was total chaos but after a few more, I think we have formed a good plan the seems to run much smoother.” Deputy West also said that with each fire drill, students get out of the building quicker and with less confusion. “Each fire drill we have familiarizes the plan with the students and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in confusion.”

Deputy West feels that with a little more work, the evacuation plan will be efficient and safe. “From what I’ve seen from every time I have been down there, the plan we have in place seems to be working and I think that when the deconstruction of the middle school is complete, people will understand the plan much better.”

`Many students have been bothered by the faults in the new system. Sophomore Tyler W. said, “It is unreasonable to think you could send hundreds of students out a tiny doorway during an emergency and expect the safe evacuation of all.” Sophomore Andrew T. also felt that some changes could be made to the current evacuation route. “If the classes were distributed better in the staircases, there would be less confusion and people would get out of the building better,” said Andrew T.

Other students, however, have felt like the plan is effective and easy to understand. “I think [the plan] is pretty straight-forward,” said senior Matt B., “Getting out of the building is easy but once you get outside it gets confusing.” Matt B. also said that the evacuation plan last year was much more complicated than the one currently in place. “I think both plans were and are effective in their own way because you need different places to get out. I think last year, evacuating was a little more hectic because there were more exits.” Sophomore Nicole N. has also felt that the current plan sufficiently gets everyone out of the building quickly and safely. “I think the plan is fine because everyone manages to get out of the school without a lot of trouble. It’s slow but it works.”

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