The DHS Parking Lot and “Trail of Tears”

The DHS Parking Lot is covered in a mix snow, rain, and treacherous pot holes.
The DHS Parking Lot is covered in a mix snow, rain, and treacherous pot holes.

The Duxbury High School student parking lot, located in front the old high school, is an unfinished lot where students must walk a planned route to the front of the school. This past winter has taken a toll on the parking lot and walkway, leaving the area snow covered and icy.

The demolition of the old high school led to the decisive to not pave the current student and facility parking lot since these are only to be temporary. These temporary parking lots have drainage issues. “The snowfall and clearing [of the parking lot] this past winter has proven to be challenging,” said Mr. Donovan.

Senior Liam B. does not feel that the parking lot is safe. Liam referred to the walkway as the “Trail of Tears.” Junior Dawson O. is in agreement with Liam on the walkway’s conditions. “It’s rough. It’s cold, and it’s tough keeping my footing,” said Dawson.

The parking lot clearing is under the control of contractors, while the pathway from the parking lot to the school has been being cleared by maintenance. Every 5-8 weeks, contrary to most students’ belief, the lots are regrated.

Junior Beth B. feels that the path to the school is treacherous. “I like to wear my boots, but then I slip and fall,” said Beth. Falling in the parking lot has become common during the past couple of weeks. Junior Tess M. has seen over 7 students fall on their way in or out of school. “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve slipped I’d have about 25 cents,” said Dawson.

Many students feel uneasy about the ice in the area. Senior Pat S. feels that the area is way too icy and there has not been much of anything done about it. “They do a poor job of salting it,” said Pat.

Along with the conditions of the parking lot, students are concerned also with another situation: their parking spots. “I have no idea where my spot is,” said Liam, “It’s been stolen numerous times.” Junior Will D. agreed, and said, “ The snow banks impede our ability to even see our spots.” Will said that sometimes the snow banks are overwhelming, which caused him to park basically in the middle of the street.

The time it takes to get into school from the current parking lot is longer than usual from previous years due to the construction zone. With the added snowfall and ice to the area, the walk into the building is becoming even longer. “It takes a really long time to get from my spot to the school,” said Tess. Will added, “Students shouldn’t have to worry about taking 15 minutes to walk from the lot to the school.”

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