Winter Schucks

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The Island Creek Oyster Bar in Duxbury, Ma. Photo courtesy of

By: Kaley R

Duxbury is known for growing and distributing oysters around the country. Island Creek Oysters is the main supplier of the crustacean from Duxbury to seafood stores and restaurants all across America. This year, with multiple snowstorms it has been harder for oystermen to get the oysters out of the ocean and onto plates.

Annie McNamara, a business associate for Island Creek Oysters, said, “ I think the most important issue with all the weather has been getting product in.” Oysters must be checked on every single day in order for their growing process to be accurate. Oyster farmers have not been able to go out onto the water to check their crop because of the winter storms the South Shore has been having lately. The oystering process is very tedious and the bad weather is not beneficial.

Mcnamara said, “There have been days where the bay has been frozen or the weather and storms have been so bad where the oyster farmers have not been able to get out on their boats.” Duxbury Bay never completely freezes, but when the tide is high the ice caps makes it difficult for boats to get through. Freezing temperatures are also not safe for the oystermen to be in waist-deep water.

Due to the inclement weather that the Boston area has been having lately, there has been less of a demand for oysters in restaurants. President of Island Creek Oysters, Chris Sherman, told Boston Magazine, “So, on the wholesale end of it, delivering through these storms has been tough, when we do have the product to deliver. And restaurant sales have been super slow because people aren’t going out as much and going into the city to get dinner due to parking issues, problems with the MBTA, and things like that.”  Sherman described it as a “two-pronged issue” : they have trouble harvesting enough oysters to sell and have trouble getting the oysters into restaurants.

Local restaurants such as Solstice, Winsor House, Milepost, Hanover Lobster, Scarlett Oak Tavern, and Woods Seafood all get their oysters from Island Creek Oysters.

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