Chair Trafficking in Breadboard Causes Havoc

No one knows where these chairs will end up/
No one knows where these chairs will end up.

By Sarah A.

In the Breadboard area at Duxbury High School, chairs have been mysteriously disappearing and have ended up in some pretty odd places. Classrooms have been found with random Breadboard chairs, leaving students wondering how and why these chairs have been trafficked all over the place.

Junior Katarina K. said she found two or three Breadboard chairs in her English class on the third floor. “It is quite a mystery who could have brought the chairs up that far, it’s so out of the way,” said Katarina K. Sophomore John P. said, “I don’t get why people go out of their way to move the Breadboard chairs, that’s so much work and effort.” Senior Alyssa J. said, “It’s funny. The chair trafficking is so entertaining because you never know where you’ll spot a Breadboard chair.”

However, some students do not find the “chair trafficking” as amusing. Senior Kristin W. said, “It’s really annoying when people move the Breadboard chairs just for kicks. There’s already a shortage of chairs for the seniors at lunches.” Senior Zach S. is annoyed that there are never enough chairs for people to sit in at lunches. “Some people just end up not having a seat and have to stand at tables,” Zach S. said.

Trafficking of Breadboard chairs is a mysterious topic, who knows where the next one will end up? Senior Tom M. has a theory about where chairs will be found next. “I think that they’ll be found in storage closets next. Maybe they’re not just being trafficked-maybe they’re being hoarded as well,” stated Tom M. Sophomore Liam J. said, “I saw a Breadboard chair in one of the bathrooms stalls the other day. They’re everywhere!”

One of the DHS Janitors is frustrated with the trafficking of Breadboard chairs. “I have found over 25 Breadboard chairs scattered all around the school. Storage closets, bathroom stalls, you name it.”

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