Demolition Demons

By Celia B.

Photo on 3-19-15 at 1.41 PMAfter being in the new school for almost 8 months now, students and parents alike have expressed impatience toward the fact that the old buildings have yet to be torn down completely. The old high school blocks what would be valuable parking space, preventing all licensed juniors from being able to drive to school, and the old middle school creates serious traffic problems. When the community demanded explanations for the stalled project, the administration was unable to provide a concise answer. Why does the administration refuse to give an accurate reason? The Dragon Flyer decided to investigate, and what we discovered is shocking. “The high schools have been unable to be demolished,” said a source, which, for anonymity purposes will be codenamed Sheep Goat, “due to severe paranormal activity.”

Apparently, the demolition was projected to be complete by November. However, in early September, as construction workers initiated the tearing-down process, multiple spirits thought to have inhabited the old buildings made it clear that their homes would not be destroyed without a fight.

Construction worker Norman Slejhammẵr explained how, while breaking down walls within the building, he was “spooked by a spirit.” Slejhammẵr said, “[The spirit] knocked my drill right out of my hand.” He admitted that this event instilled within him a fear so strong that he requested a different, less hands-on job from his boss, Carl Lockit.

Lockit, in the business for 31 years, has always been known for his “no-nonsense manner” according to Slejhammẵr. Therefore, the suspicion that ghosts occupied the buildings was laughable to him. However, he became convinced of their existence after a particularly horrifying ordeal in mid-February. Lockit explained,  “I was prepping the middle school gym for demolition when suddenly, all the basketball hoops came down at once. I wanted to think it was some funny coincidence, but the technology that allows for them to drop was destroyed weeks before. Then, I heard the echo of balls being bounced, so I demanded to know if someone else was on the property. I went into the halls, and as I did, all the lockers swung open and…” At this point, Lockit found himself unable to finish the interview due to feelings of illness.

However, in recent weeks, the process has expedited significantly–the entire middle school almost fully torn down. “We had to combat these ghosts in some way,” a representative of the administration explained. “After communication via Ouija board proved to be a failure, we felt we had no other option.” At the beginning of March, Principal Stephens was seen in the early hours of the morning by Payton D.
(eagerly arriving at school several hours to get a leg-up on the day) roaming the old middle school area, humming what seemed to be a Latin folk song, all the while wielding a garlic-covered cross.

The lyrics of the song, as translated by Latin teacher and extraordinaire, Mr. George, are as such: “Out spirit, out spirit, we are trying to teach. Out spirit, out spirit, listen to me preach. We literally have no time for you, not trying to sound rude. We are trying to matriculate the kids, kindly stop your attitude.”

The Duxbury Historical Society is investigating the identities of the spirits and   will attempt to conduct further interviews with the construction workers whom they encountered.

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